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business and competitive analysis pdf

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Competitive Analysis for PDF & Excel & Word & Google Docs & Google Sheets

In business, being good is not good enough unless it comes from your customers and is supported by sales and market growth sustainability. Factors in the macro environment and the competitive nature of business, means that your business and market position can easily be affected should you not predict the trends and movements within the economy, global community and your own industry and market segment. It is impossible for an organisation to develop strong competitive positioning strategies without a good understanding of the environment and its competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. This topic will look at: Industry Analysis Competitive Analysis Competitor Analysis Industry Analysis In analysing the industry and market sector, we are interested in answering two questions: What are the major trends affecting the growth of the industry in the future? In summary, will this industry grow faster or slower than average? Remember that your analysis will be conducted at the industry level, not the organisation level. The specific effect on the organisation can be addressed later, but we are firstly, and primarily, concerned with the issue of expected future industry growth rates and the driving forces of that growth.

The success of your business is linked to the industry you are operating and the level of competition among your peers. In every business, some analysis and planning is required to develop an analysis of your competitors. It is always important to see the position of your business in the market. The Sample Competitive Analysis Post is required to prepare the report of the analysis that you have done on your major competitors and between your products and services. The sample risk analysis of business and the return that you are anticipating must be a part of your report. The product description and the quality reports are mainly enlisted and compared with the same of your competitors in this report. It is very helpful in understanding the fine line of difference between the products and services provided by you and your other peers in the market.


Competitive analysis is an important part of the job description for most marketers. You need a thorough understanding of your competitors and their strategies to develop an impactful marketing strategy yourself. A competitive analysis framework is a model you can use to help shape how you go about researching your competitors. It helps you home in on specific information by giving a structure to guide your market analysis. There are several frameworks you can use for competitive analysis in marketing.

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Identifying the competition in a market helps determine if your business idea is feasible. To conduct a competitive analysis, you need to answer four questions:. Where do my target market customers shop for similar items?

Principles of Marketology, Volume 1 pp Cite as. Every business always looks for sustainable success either survival, growth, profitability, or a combination. An enterprise that does its business in a competitive business environment and market should constantly be able to create and deliver superior value to the key stakeholders particularly key customers. For this purpose the executives of an organization should be able to make correct decisions and take proper actions in all managerial levels strategic, tactical, and operational.

Considers the importance of implementing a market orientation, highlighting the difficulty in focusing on competitors rather than customers. Offers an approach to competitive analysis taking into account the validity of both competitor and customer orientations. Argues that this type of method can help managers to maintain or build their position in relation to competition. Smith, D. Report bugs here.


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