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fundamentals of peace studies and conflict resolution pdf

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8 Bachelor Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies

It poses the question whether conflict transformation has truly brought new theoretical notions and application for practice to peace and conflict studies, or whether it is in essence simply a reformulation of the term conflict resolution. The author concludes that while these terms are used relatively interchangeably in terms of their meaning and application, there does seem to be a shift towards the term conflict transformation. However, it is also argued that the term conflict transformation still needs to be defined in more distinctive ways in order to illustrate how it either should replace the term conflict resolution or exist alongside it. As a relatively new field, it is still in a process of defining, shaping, and creating terminology. During the early s the term conflict transformation was not in common use among peace and conflict theorists.

What is Peace Studies?

An in-depth presentation of traditional Jewish approaches to resolving interpersonal conflicts. Among the topics discussed are the obligation to pursue peace, what constitutes constructive conflict, countering judgmental biases, resolving conflict through dialogue, apologies, forgiveness, and anger management. Rabbi Dr. He has mastered the legal and non-legal literature and given it persuasive form as a plausible system of intervention in conflict. This will help pioneer a new and necessary field, and also a new approach to the practice of Jewish intervention in destructive conflict.

INTRODUCTION GST Fundamentals of Peace Studies and ConflictResolution is a two-credit unit course. It is a compulsory course for all undergraduate.


Quick links. Logout Register. Use Past Questions to see how examiner asked questions in the past. Q7 The foremost officer of the United Nations is Q8 is a cause of arm proliferation Q9 is the term in international law that is used to described retaliatory action by a foreign government Q10 The process of using information gathered from early warning systems to design action aimed at preventing violent conflict is called Q11 The European Convention for the peaceful sttlement of dispute was formed in the year Q12 is a process of formulating proposal of settlement after an investigation of facts and effort to reconcile an opposing contentions Q13 A structured process of dialogue between conflicting parties about issues in which their opinion differ is called Q14 The variety of approaches aimed at terminating conflict through constructive solving of problems is called Q15 The United Nation was founded in Q16 According to CRESNET , which stage of conflict is communication stopped by the parties.

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that draws on political science, sociology, history, anthropology, theology, psychology, philosophy, and other fields to:. The foundations of the field were laid in Europe in the s and '60s with the founding of several peace research institutes. The first colleges in the U. The number of academic programs in peace studies grew substantially in North America after the Vietnam War and in response to the nuclear arms buildup of the s.

They prepare students for further academic studies and for movement into enjoyable careers. These programs typically take about four years to complete. Students are exposed to the fundamentals in their chosen course of study and may choose to gain employment in their field while continuing with advanced degrees. What is a Bachelor in Peace and Conflict Studies? This interdisciplinary program focuses on the resolution of conflicts at interpersonal and global levels.

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National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos. Description :. Purchase credit once and download as many as possible from your credits.

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    The Peace and Conflict Studies curriculum employs an interdisciplinary, critical, and social justice approach to conflict theory, peace studies, research, and practice.

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