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ecosystem food chain and food web pdf

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Comparing Numbers.

Food chains & food webs

Food chains and food webs are easy to get confused since they both show the movement of energy through an ecosystem. But, while a food chain only shows a singular path, the food web shows how the paths are connected. Learn other differences between a food chain and a food web by looking at each one. Get examples of how a food chain and food web work. In the simplest terms, a food chain shows you the movement of energy from producers to consumers. For example, a plant uses photosynthesis to make energy.

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This lists the logos of programs or partners of NG Education which have provided or contributed the content on this page. Leveled by. All of the interconnected and overlapping food chains in an ecosystem make up a food web. Producers Producers make up the first trophic level. Plants are the most familiar type of autotroph , but there are many other kinds.

Food chains and food webs

Ecology and Environment is an important topic from the point of view of competitive exams. Here in the article, we have covered all the functions of Ecosystems in detail. The ecosystem is said to be the structural and functional unit of Biosphere. It includes all living beings interacting and influencing each other and the environment surrounding them. The functional factors of the ecosystem keep the components running together.

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Know all about Functions of Ecosystem along with PDF download in Hindi & English. Check all functions of Ecosystem i.e. food chain, food web.

Food chains & food webs

A food web or food cycle is the natural interconnection of food chains and a graphical representation usually an image of what-eats-what in an ecological community. Another name for food web is consumer-resource system. Ecologists can broadly lump all life forms into one of two categories called trophic levels : 1 the autotrophs , and 2 the heterotrophs.

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Functions of Ecosystem (PDF): Food Chain, Food Web & Pyramids

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