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Everything you need to know about career development. The career development is the process of conversion of personal career plan into action in order to achieve career goals. A career development system includes a variety of components for use in the organizations. In order to increase the efficiency of the system, the HR mangers must have complete knowledge about these tools since they play a role of consultant when employees and supervisors use this system.

Career Development in HRM: Meaning, Need, Stages and Methods

Everything you need to know about career development. The career development is the process of conversion of personal career plan into action in order to achieve career goals. A career development system includes a variety of components for use in the organizations. In order to increase the efficiency of the system, the HR mangers must have complete knowledge about these tools since they play a role of consultant when employees and supervisors use this system.

Plus, they are responsible for designing and developing an effective career development system for their organization. Learn about:- 1. Introduction and Meaning of Career Development 2. Need for Career Development 3. Significance 4. Steps 5. Actions 6. Strategies 7. System 8. Responsibilities and Benefits 9. Meeting the Challenges. It represents an organised path taken by an individual across time and space.

In the case of an employee, career planning provides an answer to his question as to where he will be in the organisation after five years or ten years or what the prospects of advancing or growth are in the organisation. Career planning is not an event or an end in itself, but a process of development of human resources. In short, it is an essential aspect of effective management of people at work.

A career path is the sequential pattern of jobs that forms a career. Career goals are the future positions one strives to reach as part of a career.

Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and the path to these goals. Career development involves those personal improvements that a person undertakes to achieve a personal career plan. Career management is the process of designing and implementing goals, plans and strategies to enable the organisation, to satisfy employee needs while allowing individuals to achieve their career goals.

The career development involves the process of conversion of personal career plan into action in order to achieve career goals. The basic and fundamental responsibility of career development lies with the employees only few vital support can be provided by managers and organisation.

Generally there are six major mistakes which would come in the way of employee during career development programmes as identified by E. Career development is indispensable for implementing career plans. It consists of activities undertaken by the individual employees and the organisation to meet career aspirations and job requirements. Career Development Model depicts that organisational career planning and individual career planning need to be integrated to design mutually acceptable career paths and formulate appropriate developmental strategies.

It is based on needs of human resource and skill and potential require by the man to perform on various jobs. The one of the important aspect of career development is that every employee must accept his or her responsibility for development. Many organization spend good amount of money on education and training of the employees and get the required talents and potential from within the organization only and there is no necessity to search such personnel outside the organization.

The following are the career development actions. Performance of the job- In career development progress an individual employee must prove that his performance on the job is upto the standard established. Employee exposure- The employees interrupting in their career groups should expose it by their skills, knowledge qualification, achievement outstanding performance etc. Resignation by the employee- The employees may resign the present job in the organization, when they get better career opportunities elsewhere.

Change the Job- Employees those who have better career prospects in some other job in the some organizations, such employees may change the job. Career guidance and counselling- It provides full information, proper advice and encouragement to move from one career to other better career in the same organization or in some other organization where better career opportunities are available.

Career development is a natural extension of strategic and employee training. Identifying staff requirements over the intermediate and long-term is necessary when a firm sets long-term goals and objectives. Career development will help organizations in putting the right people in the right job. There is always a scarcity for talented people and there is competition to secure their services.

Talented people always prefer to work in organizations which care for their future concern and exhibit greater loyalty and commitment to organizations where there is career advancement. As career development is an important aspect of work life as well as personal life, people prefer to join firms which offer challenges, responsibility and opportunities for advancement.

Along with educational level and knowledge, the aspirational level of occupations is also increasing. When these levels are not met due to economic stagnation frustration sets in. When organizations downsize to cut costs, employee career paths, career tracks and career ladders tend to collapse resulting in aggravation of frustration.

Career counseling comes a long way in reducing frustration. Fast changing scenarios in globalization reflects a varied combination of workforce representing different types of races, nationalities, religious faiths, ages and values in the workplaces. Effective career development programmes provide access to all levels of employees. It is quite natural that if employees think their organizations care about their long-term well-being through career development they are likely to respond in kind by projecting positive images about their organizations.

Career development does help organization in impressing image and goodwill. Career development for diversified group of employees assumes greater significance in view of increase in diversity of employees at work place.

So, managements have to eliminate the barriers in the process of career advancement, encourage women for skill development and facilitate the process of career development of women employees.

Therefore, managements should prepare women for managerial positions through counselling, mentoring and training. Women employees are tied up with family responsibilities, which would hamper their career development. Therefore, some firms introduced certain programmes like alternative career paths, extended leave, flexi-time, flexi-work, job sharing and telecommuting in order to enable women to balance career and family.

Employees belong to minorities are in a disadvantageous position in career progression. Therefore, organisations provide certain programmes for the development of minorities. These programmes include special training, reservation of certain number of positions for minorities, internships and organising training courses.

However, career opportunities of any of the couple may hinder the career of the other. Economic necessity, social focus and psychological adjustments encourage dual career marriages.

Dual career families undergo social maladjustments due to transfers, uneven career progressions of one of the couples etc. Therefore, managements should take care for balanced career progression and development of career couples.

Some large organizations have assessment centres or conduct career development workshops wherein a group of employees are brought together to undergo psychological testing, simulation exercises, and depth interviews. This process helps the employee to make a decision regarding career goals and the steps to be taken to put efforts to attain these goals.

The HR manager also plays an important role of providing information and assistance in making decisions about the career needs of the employee.

Career opportunities are identified through job analysis. The manager should identify career path for employees in the organization. The employees should be provided information regarding job postings that are available in the organization and, for future reference, what requirements they will have to fulfill to achieve the promotion which they aspire. It is necessary to align the needs and aspirations of the employees with career opportunities in order to ensure right people will be available to meet the organizational manpower requirements.

Therefore, emphasis is placed on the training, on- and off-the-job, counselling and coaching by supervisor, and planned rotation in positions of varying functions and in different locations.

The process is pursued further with the help of periodic performance appraisals. Steps are taken by the line managers to integrate personal goals with the organizational goals.

In the case of counselling, the manager discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the employee. If there is a discrepancy, steps should be taken to reassign work as necessary to ensure that career development plans are met. In situations where career opportunities are not available due to influence of technology and economic factors, the organization should redesign jobs or make career shifts. It is very important that all employees must accept their responsibilities for career development because it is only then that various career development actions prove effective.

Exposure of skills, knowledge, achievements, performance and so on to the decision-makers regarding career development programme. Resignation from the present job if new career opportunities are found elsewhere.

Change of jobs in the same of organisation if better opportunities are foreseen in that job. This happens when the employee views organisation loyalty more important than career loyalty.

Career guidance is necessary to find better job elsewhere. Organizations initiate efforts to develop their employees. Individual employees must also take initiatives themselves. Career results from the matching goals of the individual with that of the organization. Career development is a joint responsibility of an employee and the organization. If an employee wants only the organization to develop his career, the organization is likely to impose too much organizational control restricting the autonomy of that employee.

Therefore, it advised that you should be instrumental to manage your own career. The self-management of your career will help you determine your own destiny and enhance your independence. In career decisions, the individual is the only one having appropriate information.

He must be assertive to express his feelings so that he does not get deceived with regard to his career. Managing the self is of utmost importance. The steps involved in successful self-management of career are — do it now, know thyself, analyse career opportunities, establish career goal, obtain feedback, and manage your career.

Suppose you have made decisions that will have an impact on your career. Do not delay in implementing the decisions. Do not wait for an auspicious day to come; for completing an academic activity, for settling down, and for any other reasons. Pursuing a career will always have uncertainties.

Human Resource Management Career Development Organized by Group II Page 1

Career planning is a process involving a few steps. These steps help a person in planning his career and deciding about his future. Self-assessment is a process that helps an individual in assessing his skills, potential, strengths, and ability to fulfill his aims. As the name of the step suggests, a person assesses himself and then based on his analysis and keeping his strengths and weaknesses in mind he will draft a future plan. By drafting future plan we mean that executing this step helps the persons to finalize the profession and career path he wants to choose.

Everything you need to know about career development in HRM. Career development is essential for implementation of career plan. While career plan sets career path for an employee, career development ensures that the employee is well developed before he moves up the next higher ladder in the hierarchy. Since career development focuses on future opportunities, it has essentially a long-term orientation. The main objective of career development is to ensure that people with appropriate qualifications and experiences are available when needed.

Career Planning Process And Its Role In Human Resource Development

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For some people, Life is a Race and for some people, Life is to do what you love to do. But wait a bit, Have you ever thought Why people are so much worried about the future? The answers to this question can be many from your and mine sides. So, Before knowing about the Career Planning and Development, firstly we should know what the Career actually means?? Career is the sequence of position held by a person during the course of a lifetime.

Career Planning and Development 1 Career Planning and Development Career Planning and Development

Career Management is a life-long process of investing resources to accomplish your future career goals.

Everything you need to know about career planning. A career is the work a person does in his entire life span. Another definition of a career is the sequence of jobs that an individual has held throughout his or her working life.

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