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They are the physical, cognitive, emotional and character requirements necessary to participate fully in all aspects of social work education and the practice of social work. The expectation is that students will possess and develop these skills, values and standards as they progress through all aspects of the program, including in the classroom, in their field placements, and in the professional practice of social work. Violations of these Skills, Values, and Standards of Professional Conduct can also become grounds for dismissal from the program and from the profession.

Practising values in social work

As a profession, social work aims to improve human well-being and help satisfy the fundamental human needs of all people, with special regard to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty. A focus on the outside forces that create, contribute and address life problems is fundamental to social work. Social workers champion social justice and social change, and are perceptive of cultural and ethnic diversity and endeavor to end discrimination, oppression, poverty and other types of social injustice. They may do this through direct practice, community organization, consultation, advocacy and more. All of this is done in service of the central goal of social workers: to enhance the capacity of people to address their own needs. The core values and the NASW code of ethics that stem from them must be considered within the context and complexity of the human experience. The social work code of ethics is relevant and vital to all social workers and social work students, no matter what their professional function is, which population they serve or where they work.

Duty to Warn, Duty to Protect. Like this article? Share it! Social workers are routinely confronted with ethical dilemmas in practice, and social work programs infuse their courses with professional ethics and values to help students prepare for this eventuality. However, students are not routinely taught how to recognize what an ethical dilemma is. Correctly identifying an ethical dilemma is the first step in resolving it.

Social Work: Core Values and Ethics

Some of the hardest questions social workers face involve ethical dilemmas, which typically have no 'correct' solution. Fortunately, numerous resources and tactics are available to help you navigate these perplexing situations. Ethical dilemmas pose challenging questions in which two potentially justifiable solutions are in conflict. For example: an elderly person wants to live independently but is having increasing trouble doing so. Which principle should guide your actions: the client's right to self-determination, or the client's need for assisted living?

This Code of Ethics is based on the recommendation of the International. Federation of Social Workers to encourage reflection and dialogue on ethical issues in.

Social Work Core Values and Code of Ethics

Every day, social workers stand up for human rights and justice and give voice to unheard and marginalized populations. Social workers are employed by nonprofits, the government, and private practices. There are nearly , social workers nationwide as of , according to the U.

What Is an Ethical Dilemma?

When examining the ethics of social work, it is important to first grasp the primary mission of the field. As a profession, the goal is to fundamentally enhance human well-being and strive for all people — regardless of any hardships they face — to have their needs met. Social workers thus need to have knowledge of how environmental forces create or contribute to issues that affect individuals.

Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work: What You Need to Know

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Values, ethics and social work. STEVEN SHARDLOW. Introduction and context. Getting to grips with social work values and ethics is rather like picking up a live,​.

Social Work pp Cite as. Getting to grips with social work values and ethics is rather like picking up a live, large and very wet fish out of running stream. Even if you are lucky enough to grab a fish, the chances are that just when you think you have caught it, the fish will vigorously slither out of your hands and jump back in the stream. No doubt there are other reasons for not picking up this particular fish!

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Social Work Core Values and Code of Ethics


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