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what is rf planning and optimization pdf

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ASSET Radio can be customized through a range of productivity packs, enabling customers to add additional functionality to meet their needs.

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Rf Optimization

Download a free trial of all 5 IT tools today! Optimum usage of available frequency spectrum. RF Planning and Optimization question. Because of its unique characteristics, specifically asymmetrical Tx and Rx gain, Aura has adapted the industry leading carrier-grade RF planning software to create a tool that will cost effectively provide Aura customers a real world prediction of the true impact Apogee will have on coverage, signal quality and CAPEX budgets before installation begins. Most businesses don't have firm numbers on future sales. Manage your project specifications in an easy, fast and smart way.

The RF design inputs can be divided into Capacity requirements: Erlang per subscriber during the busy hourQuality of service for the air interface, in terms GoS Network capacity Coverage requirements: Target coverage areas. These should be marked geographicallyCoverage area probabilityPenetration Loss of buildings and in-cars. The prediction of propagation loss in a mobile radio environment is very difficult given multiple factors, such as:. Irregular configuration of the terrain Various shapes of architectural structures Weather changes. An easy analytic solution to the problem does not exist. Combining both statistics and electromagnetic theory helps to predict the propagation loss. There are few theoretical models and many empirical models to predict the propagation path loss.

Radio Planning

Sep 22, Station Handoff Assist. Supervised RF team to plan, design and deliver maximum optimized sites and maintained network with uniform coverage, minimum interference and best KPIs. Using radio-frequency RF sensing techniques for human posture recognition has attracted growing interest due to its advantages of pervasiveness, contact-free observation, and privacy protection. Any time a wave hits a discontinuity, some of the wave is reflected.

Rf Optimization Engineer Resume Samples

It supports the latest technology advances such as massive MIMO, 3D beamforming, and mmWave propagation for the design and roll-out of 5G networks. Atoll supports a wide range of implementation scenarios, from standalone to enterprise-wide server-based configurations. Atoll uniquely combines architectural and functional features that provide operators with a powerful, scalable, and flexible framework for streamlining their network design and optimisation processes. Atoll is a comprehensive multi-technology radio planning and optimisation platform which includes unified multi-technology traffic models, Monte Carlo simulators, and automatic cell planning ACP. Atoll can model the traffic-related aspects of multi-technology networks and dynamically spread traffic across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G network layers comprising macro, micro, small cells, and Wi-Fi hot spots.

In the context of mobile radio communication systems, RF planning is the process of assigning frequencies , transmitter locations and parameters of a wireless communications system to provide sufficient coverage and capacity for the services required. The RF plan of a communication system has two objectives: coverage and capacity. Capacity relates to the capability of the system to sustain a given number of participants. Capacity and coverage are interrelated.

LTE RF Optimization Training

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RF planning

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