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microsoft dynamics crm 2013 customization and configuration pdf

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It can be difficult because sometimes the customer really wants the unsupported customization but you need to inform them of the drawbacks of doing this. Below are some links to what are unsupported and supported changes in the various different versions of CRM. I usually work out the rough logic with an advanced find and then download the xml to see the names of the fields etc. Recently I was doing a QueryExpression but I need to link the query expression to two or three different entities and the query expression was getting out of hand. I could do the query with an Advanced find so I was thinking if I could just use that it would be a whole lot easier than trying to convert the FetchXML to a QueryExpression. You will have to do a bit of conversion from the downloaded fetchXML because all the fields will be in double quotes and these will need to be in single quotes and you will need to put an at the front and double quotes around the whole FetchXML query whilst you save it to a string variable.

Overview Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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This course describes the techniques required to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet the specialized needs of businesses. The topics covered include.

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Resident services include refuse and recycling collection; housing advice; food and safety inspection; planning services; and licensing and permitting. Microsoft Dynamics provides The Council with a front to back office solution, visibility across the organization and mobile capabilities to better assist residents. The Council leveraged PowerObjects' Education Team to create custom training to advance internal skill sets to extend current customizations and successfully deploy future developments. Have you noticed that the record of what workflows have run against a record seems to have disappeared in CRM ? There's a good reason for that—they have!

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Overview Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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The Colchester Borough Council: Dynamics 365 Case Study

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