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Relationship between Organizational Culture, Leadership Behavior and Job Satisfaction

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The purpose of the organization is to obtain maximum results and also pay attention to performance in the process of these objectives. The description of the research aims to explore the relationship between leadership and organizational culture on job satisfaction and employee performance. The independent variables of this research are leadership and organizational culture. Meanwhile, job satisfaction and performance are included in the dependent variable. This research was conducted at the Department of Transportation Samarinda City consisting of 83 respondents. Research is descriptive and quantitative.

Exploration of Leadership, Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction, and Employee Performance

Research the effect of job characteristics on job satisfaction and its impact on employee performance highlights the influence of job characteristics on job satisfaction and whether it has an influence on employee performance by taking the location of research on cooperatives in Solo, Central Java. Cooperatives face several problems, namely high levels of employee turnover. This study uses quantitative methods using a descriptive approach. For data collection the method used is by giving questionnaires to employees and interviews with informants who then analyzed the data using smart PLS. Based on the results of the study found that job characteristics have a positive but not significant relationship to employee performance, the next job characteristics have a positive and significant relationship to job satisfaction and the last job satisfaction has a positive and significant relationship to employee performance. Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages that have already been published elsewhere are required to obtain permission from the copyright owner s for both the print and online format and to include evidence that such permission has been granted when submitting their papers. Any material received without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.

PDF | The objective of this paper is to investigate the relationship between these three variables namely: When job satisfaction and performance is linked with group performance, the outcome revealed REVIEW ARTICLE.


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Employee satisfaction and job climate: An empirical study of Japanese manufacturing employees

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Open Access Management and Economics. Human resources as one of the important indicators of achieving organizational goals effectively and efficiently and performance is the answer to the success or failure of organizational goals that have been set. Performance can be seen from the achievement of target employees in an organization. Performance at PT. Interbat Bali Nusra Ambon has decreased in compared to The purpose of this research is to confirm the linkage of leadership style to job satisfaction, employee engagement and employee performance of PT. Interbat Bali Nusa Ambon.

Metrics details. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs and values that have existed in an organization for a long time, and to the beliefs of the staff and the foreseen value of their work that will influence their attitudes and behavior. Administrators usually adjust their leadership behavior to accomplish the mission of the organization, and this could influence the employees' job satisfaction.

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This study aims to focus and measure the influence and impact of work-family conflict on job satisfaction and employee performance. Instead, it is also aimed to test theme dieting effects of job satisfaction on the influences. The subject of this study were female employees in Indonesia. Questionnaires were distributed via electronics to there spondents who were randomly selected among the female employees in Indonesia. The results of the analyses reported that work-family conflict is negatively and significantly influenced the job satisfaction. Interestingly, the findings also found that, work-family conflict is not significantly influenced directly on the female employee performance. But, work-family conflict has significantly indirectly influenced on performance through job satisfaction variable.

This study identified supportive supervision, co-worker social support, and job awareness as three factors that affect job satisfaction of employees from two mid-sized Japanese manufacturing companies. In addition to the significant main effects of supportive supervision and co-worker social support, a significant interaction effect between supportive supervision and job awareness was obtained. This interaction suggests that supportive supervision is very important in increasing job satisfaction when workers have low levels of job awareness. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

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Environmental conditions are increasingly rapid changes and uncertain, demanding an organization, both private, government and BUMD to anticipate these changes, in order to maintain its survival. ABC is no exception, which must be able to serve the community as well as possible, so that employees always strive for their employees to act and work in accordance with the organizational culture so that this company can carry out its vision and mission optimally. The low performance of employees in addition to problems Remuneration compensation, allegedly also due to work satisfaction problems, because remuneration compensation and job satisfaction can provide strong encouragement or motivation for employees to work optimally to achieve high performance.

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