Job Functions And Responsibilities Of Cash Office Service Attendant Of Cbe Pdf In Ethiopioa

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job functions and responsibilities of cash office service attendant of cbe pdf in ethiopioa

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Bank of Abyssinia S.C. Interview Questions

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Tegegn mekonen. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. I have carried out the study independently with the guidance and support of the research advisor, Assistant Professor Teklay Tesfay. Any other contributors or sources have either been referenced in the prescribed manner or are listed in the acknowledgements together with the nature and the scope of their contribution.

The study has not been submitted for award of any degree in this or any other institution. My sincere appreciations also go to Ms. Mahlet Dinku, Mr. Fitsum Kelilie and Mr. Dawit Nega who have played instrumental roles in assisting me with questionnaire distributions and data collection.

Frontline employees are an important component of the service production and delivery process, particularly in the banking sector. Their technical and interactive service performance can be the basis of competitive advantage for commercial banks. Therefore, the banks need to ensure their employees fully understand the dimensions and factors that enable them to consistently deliver service quality. Although the financial sector of Ethiopia is growing with the continuous increase of the number of private banks as well as the opening of additional branches of existing banks, research findings indicate that service quality is not consistently delivered.

Deeper investigations of those findings reveal that service quality dimensions associated with the performance of customer contact employees are the source of the gap.

Academic literature and research documents have been used to establish the conceptual framework. To conduct the test and reach at acceptable deductions, a research model developed by Vella, Goutnas and Walker has been adopted in the context of Addis Ababa commercial banks service environment.

The results of the study have indicated that commercial banks employees feel their individual service performance can be affected by service quality determinant factors. However, they do not associate the influence of those factors with the ultimate delivery of quality service and customer satisfaction.

It is hence recommended that Addis Ababa commercial banks need to revisit their recruitment, employee development and employee motivation strategies and align them with the marketing strategy in order to promote system wide service orientation. Services, whether in a service giving organization or any other form of organization play a significant role in the modern day business or public transactions.

Be it a service selling company, a physical good selling company, a government institution or a non-governmental institution, they all need services as a link between user and provider. It is not enough to have the best product offerings.

How the product is presented to customers with all its features and benefits determines its acceptability by the customers, and their ultimate satisfaction Lovelock, Wirtz and Chatterjee, Very few products are purely services or purely physical goods; they are segregated depending on the tangibility of the core offering. A car for example, is a physical product to the individual owner, whereas a tour company using cars provides and sells touring services.

Accordingly, the businesses are categorized as belonging to the manufacturing sector or service sector, even though these sectors are interdependent and interrelated Kotler, Though services are important for both manufacturing and service organizations, they are fundamental for the service sector as they constitute the essence of the business.

For those types of companies, failure of service means failure of the product resulting in total dissatisfaction of the customer. Furthermore, service sector is becoming increasingly dominant in the economy due to the evolved customer sophistication and emergence of new service needs. The size of the service sector is increasing in almost all economies around the world. Therefore, understanding the dimensions and maintaining consistent service quality, particularly in the service sector, has become the focus of businesses.

In fact, it is one of the fastest growing economies of the world averaging It is also worth noting that the main drivers of this growth are the service sector and the agricultural sector while manufacturing has recorded a modest increase. It is mainly composed of hotels, retailers, wholesalers, transport companies and financial institutions.

The number of banks operating in Ethiopia has reached 19 by end of September of which 16 are privately owned.

These banks have opened a total of branches of which Although Automated Teller Machines have recently been introduced, commercial banking transactions in Ethiopia are predominantly based on person to person interaction of employees.

Therefore, maintaining consistent service quality will be challenging and it should be a strategic concern for the financial institutions. Accordingly, the topic has become the focus of numerous researches. Individual researchers as well as institutions have recognized the importance and significance of the service sector in Ethiopia.

As a result, one can find many studies conducted in the area of service quality and its impact on customer satisfaction. A good number of these researches are case studies of financial institutions, particularly banks and insurance companies. Irrespective of their focus and chosen perspective, the results of these researches emphasize and show similarity in identifying front line employees as major contributors for delivery of service quality.

The areas where these banks need to work on in order to improve customer perception of service quality are responsiveness and empathy. Counter staff need to be continuously trained with proper skill of providing caring and prompt service. Abdulmalik and Gurswamy evaluated banks in Mekelle from a developing country perspective and found that the second common reason for customers to leave commercial banks is due to staff attitude and the poor service associated with it.

From a general service sector point of view, Polturi, Mangnale, Dist and Pradesh found that Ethiopian service employees show irregular behavior toward male and female customers, they tend to be mechanical and straight to the point and in some cases lacked product knowledge and problem solving capability leading to inferior level of customer satisfaction.

The difficulty for service employees to deliver consistent quality emanates from the very characteristics of services. Services are intangible and consequently no physical good ownership results from the transaction. Services require the customer to be present at production site and they are consumed the same time they are produced, furthermore once produced they cannot be replicated.

These features make it very difficult for organizations and employees to maintain consistent service quality to the expected level of customers. Service quality is highly dependent on human attitude and behavior. This can be further explained by the ten service quality dimensions which service experts use to establish service quality: Access, communication, competence, courtesy, credibility, reliability, responsiveness, security, tangibles and understating the customer Parasurama, Zeithaml and Berry, All of these dimensions are directly or indirectly influenced primarily by the employees delivering the service as well as by other supporting back office employees.

Particularly, due to the low level of automation in Ethiopia, there is high degree of person-to-person interaction between employees and customers Polturi and Magnale, Both government and private banks are increasing their number of branches in the capital Addis Ababa as well as other cities of the country to keep pace with the escalating demand.

In this context, it should be noted that, one of the fundamental requirements of any strategy are planning, organizing as well as managing of internal resources and capabilities. A growth strategy, in particular, necessitates the commitment and engagement of financial and non- financial resources at an increasing and reliable flow.

For service organizations, human resources are of special significance, as they are direct constituents of the product offerings. With the proper level of skills, capacity for communication and motivation they can become the source of strategic competitive advantage for their company. This is unfortunately, easier said than done as services cannot be produced in advance and put in inventory.

Accordingly, matching demand with the required number and skill of staff, in order to ensure service quality, is a challenging endeavor Wilson and Gilligan, In commercial banking, like most other retail businesses, customer service is a major component of the service package, as customers come into direct contact with employees and engage in active interaction to finalize business dealing.

Therefore, as much as the successful delivery of service quality depends on the planning and execution of management, it is equally if not more dependent on the front line employee adequately delivering the actual service. This in turn implies that the company and the employees need to be on the same page when it comes to the promise made to the customer and associated expectations. Only when these expectations are met can the customer be satisfied with the given service.

It is therefore vitally important for the service provider to make sure that the contact employees understand these dimensions of service quality and are willing and able to extend them to the customer. We have hence established, on the one hand, that commercial banks in Addis Ababa are growing at a relatively high speed which will naturally put pressure on their human resources. On the other hand, due to the nature of their business, their success relies on the capabilities and willingness of their employees to deliver service quality.

Yewbdar found that NIB International bank has a low ranking in empathy dimension. The bank also needs to make some improvements in assurance dimension. These findings of recent researchers, among others, are indications that customers of commercial banks in Addis Ababa as well as other cities of Ethiopia are not fully satisfied with their service encounter with front line employees.

Even if they find the physical facilities and type of services to be satisfactory, results of studies reveal that there exists a gap in the human aspect of the service delivery process.

Although the severity of the problem varies from one bank to the other, based on the low scores in assurance, responsiveness and empathy it can be generally argued that customers do not find contact employees friendly, ready to help, knowledgeable and understanding. Hence, this study is an attempt to evaluate whether commercial banks in Addis Ababa are coping with the requirements of skilled service staff to sustain their growth without compromising on quality service delivery. The employees themselves are the subject of the research to answer following research questions.

One of the cornerstones of a successful service delivery, in retail business, is high quality customer service to the expected or exceeding level of customers. To that effect, it is relatively easy to design and implement a service process and associated facilities. However, ensuring that customer contact employees consistently perform at a high quality level is challenging. Observations and customer feedback can only reveal the existence or non-existence of service failure.

Therefore, banks that particularly have low scores in intangible service quality dimensions can benefit from the results of this study in terms of gaining more focus in their activities of planning, recruitment, training and motivation of front line staff. The Commercial and Human Resources departments can use these results as basis for integrating their respective strategies.

We no more talk about transactional business rather marketing orientation has become the order of the day. To be successful, a business firm, especially a service giving one, needs to be customer driven. The whole organization needs to put the customer at the heart of its strategy. The notion of service orientation of organizations, management and employees evolved as a result of these changes in marketing approaches. At the center of service oriented organization we find service oriented and customer centric employees.

In their efforts of developing and implementing marketing strategies, companies need to understand the required number and skill level of employees. Hence, for retail companies in Addis Ababa, which plan to develop and implement service oriented approaches, this study can serve as a guide for identifying, correcting and preventing, at an early stage, possible failures related to front line employees performance Kotler, ; Lovelock, Wirtz and Chatterjee, For future researches, the output of this study can serve as a basis for exploring even further possible causes of poor rating of service quality dimensions of commercial banks in Addis Ababa.

On the other hand, having covered the employee perspective of the issue, it will give other researchers the opportunity to pursue service delivery gaps from other perspectives. For the subject employees themselves, this is a chance of expressing their perspective of their day to day activities.

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It related to banks. Knowing the customer wants and satisfied every need and questions, based on the company rules, that may not heart others. To better life i work ever days. Collect more experience. Give loan and interest to the customer and increase capital of the bank.

Credit analyst 2 wegagen bank dire dawa ethiopia. The banking sector couple with other organizations are looking for qualified individuals and graduates to recruit for this job vacancy in ethiopian banks. New job vacancy in ethiopia bank. Ethiopia officially the federal democratic republic of ethiopia is a country located in the horn of africa. Commercial bank of ethiopia vacancy. The world bank it assistant world bank country office ethiopia general description. View job details transportation coordinator and dispatcher.

To study the relationship between ATM service quality and customer satisfaction, first a hybrid model based on the previous works has been proposed. Five ATM service quality dimensions namely reliability, convenience, user-friendliness, security, and responsiveness have been established based on the literature review. For this investigation primary data was collected from a convenience sample of customers of CBE located in Hawassa City using ATM service through structured questionnaire. The Collected data was analyzed using mean, standard deviation, correlation, and regression analysis. Regression results indicate that reliability, convenience, user-friendliness, security, and responsiveness are dimensions of ATM service quality that positively and significantly contributes toward customer satisfaction.

Questions and Answers about Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Its headquarters are in the capital city of Addis Ababa. Yinager Dessie is the current governor of the bank. The bank is active in promoting financial inclusion policy and is a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion AFI.

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Modal title. Find Jobs. The jobholder continually collects and analyses relevant market and competitor information to assess market position and identify threats and opportunities. The job holder is responsible to develop new policies and procedures of the Bank and ensure that the existing ones are updated timely.

Modal title. Find Jobs. Branch Manager Senior Manager.

Latest Jobs from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Latest Jobs from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. View Company Profile. Ensure fraud investigation is done professionally and the report is forwarded to concerned body for decision. Dispatch copies of the document to the relevant banking organs, together with the agenda corresponding to the documents. Take minutes of the meetings.

Ethiopia: Awash Bank, one of the leading private banks in Ethiopia, registered 1. C AIB was established as the first private commercial bank after the renaissance of Ethiopian private sector on November 10, by founder share holders with a paid up capital of birr As if this embarrassment is not enough, President Chakwera has travelled to the northern region to attend the graduation ceremony for Mzuzu University students via Zoom. Target customers may be identified for a business, brand, product, location, sales or marketing strategy. Please do not accept payment requests at any of the recruitment phases! Manager, Agent Banking Division. Zemenay ad provide you a well detailed Banking jobs in Ethiopia and updated Jobs in Ethiopia to your fingertips.

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Monthly Salary : Pay Scale Max. However, the bank has full right to cancel or take any other alternative in this regard. Monthly Salary : Pay Scale.

It related to banks. Knowing the customer wants and satisfied every need and questions, based on the company rules, that may not heart others.

Box Lucy Insurance S. C Addis Ababa. Box: Addis Ababa.

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