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much and many exercises pdf

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Exercise on countable and uncountable nouns in English - Online Solutions.

Much - many - a little - a few - a lot of - some - any - Free online exercises - Practise English quantifiers.

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Did you buy much … I'v got a lot of pens.. And, much is also used in affirmatives sentences. It is a very big school. Choose between much, many or a lot of. There is too noise in the street.

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much many exercises pdf

Tick the correct answer. My brother is very busy. He hasn't got time. There is too noise in the street. I can't sleep.. Much many rules and exercises first-english.

Would you like me to add some more milk to your hot chocolate? English grammar lesson on-line for elementary level students - An explanation of the use of countable and uncountable nouns with printable exercises. Oberholster V. How to Use It: Students will use a vocabulary list and clues. Here is a list of nouns.

Correct the mistakes in these sentences. Use a lot of, many or much. How many does it cost? I drink much tea. Choose the correct word or. Free online grammar exercises with answers—How Much vs How Many— Complete the sentences with the appropriate options. Free English online grammar exercises how much, how many.

We use much + uncountable noun: Use much or many with one of these 4. many. EXERCISE 2. 1. many books. 2. many interesting people. 3. much money.

So, so many or so much

Examples: He has a little money left. He has a few dollars left. We use few and little without the article a to point out a more negative meaning. Examples: A few students of our school know this.

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