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Work-family conflict, job satisfaction and spousal support: An exploratory study of nurses' experience. I MA-Counselling Psychology. In recognising the highly stressful nature of the nursing profession, the added burden of hospital staff shortages, and patient overload, the present study explored the impact of work on family functioning, its relationship to job satisfaction and the role of spousal support in a group of 80 female nurses working in a government hospital.


So, All of authors and contributors must check their papers before submission to making assurance of following our anti-plagiarism policies. Work- family conflicts is becoming more common now a day due to work pressure and family responsibilities. This research focuses on the comparison of work-family conflict and job satisfaction among different groups. The Sample size selected for this research is participants , 30 each from the 4 groups i. After the study, it is identified that there was a negative correlation between work family conflict and job satisfaction among the professionals in different groups. This research is limited towards the sample size and in the future, the researcher can expand the sample size in order to explore new factors or dimension related to work-family conflicts and employee job satisfaction.

The study of work-family conflict and job satisfaction among nurses’ state hospitals in Tehran city

Inability to cope with conflicting demands of work and family has become an important topic among the employees in organisation. However, studies on inability to cope with conflicting demands on work, family and distance learning among the distance learners in Malaysia have received little attention. Results of Partial Least Square PLS demonstrated that work-family conflict has a positive influence only on problem-focused coping, and subsequently problem-focused coping was found to mediate the relationship between work-life conflicts towards job satisfaction and emotional well-being. Based on the findings, this research suggests the employers to enhance work-life balance policies and programmes especially for employed distance learners, and the management of distance education to improve student retention and completion rates by providing supports to the distance learners. Ketidakupayaan untuk menghadapi tuntutan kerja yang bertentangan dengan keluarga telah menjadi topik penting dikalangan pekerja dalam organisasi. Walau bagaimanapun, kajian tentang ketidakupayaan untuk menampung permintaan yang bercanggah dengan kerja, keluarga dan pengajian jarak jauh dikalangan pelajar jarak jauh di Malaysia telah mendapat sedikit perhatian. Keputusan Partial Least Square PLS menunjukkan konflik kerja-keluarga hanya mempunyai pengaruh positif terhadap daya tindak berfokuskan masalah, dan seterusnya daya tindak berfokuskan masalah didapati mengantara hubungan antara konflik kerja-keluarga terhadap kepuasan kerja dan kesejahteraan emosi.

In a study by Gao, Shi, Niu, & Wang (), it was observed that an employee's job satisfaction is negatively related to work to family conflict and.

This study aims to focus and measure the influence and impact of work-family conflict on job satisfaction and employee performance. Instead, it is also aimed to test theme dieting effects of job satisfaction on the influences. The subject of this study were female employees in Indonesia. Questionnaires were distributed via electronics to there spondents who were randomly selected among the female employees in Indonesia.

The relevant writings were canvassed in order to design the survey instrument. Intrinsic motivation was found to exert a significant negative impact on emotional exhaustion. Results demonstrate that high levels of intrinsic motivation resulted in high levels of job performance, job satisfaction, and affective commitment to the organization.

Metrics details. Germany currently experiences a situation of major physician attrition. The incompatibility between work and family has been discussed as one of the major reasons for the increasing departure of German physicians for non-clinical occupations or abroad. This study investigates predictors for one particular direction of Work-Family Conflict — namely work interfering with family conflict WIF — which are located within the psychosocial work environment or work organisation of hospital physicians. Furthermore, effects of WIF on the individual physicians' physical and mental health were examined. Analyses were performed with an emphasis on gender differences.

Background: The staff performance in health care system is related to their satisfaction. The aim of this research is to investigate the relationship between the work-family conflict and the job satisfaction of medical staff after implementing the health system development plan HSDP. Methods: Amongst the staff of Damghan Vellayat hospital, of them have been selected in by random sampling.

Since nurses work in various wards, job satisfaction evaluation and work-family conflict investigation among them regarding the ward they work in is highly crucial, because on one hand, there are ample requests for changes in wards, shifts, hospitals, and even job abandonment, and on the other hand, family conflicts and clashes have increased among nurses. This correlational research was conducted on nurses who worked in special and general wards of state hospitals in Tehran in In this study, samples were selected randomly among state hospitals subsidiary to Tehran and Shahid Beheshti universities and social security hospitals in Tehran. In order to analyze the data, SPSS version 21 software was employed and also descriptive statistics methods, correlation coefficient, t-test, regression, and ANOVA were applied. Job satisfaction has always been a considerable issue in organizations, in a way that more than four thousand papers have been issued regarding this subject matter since 1.

discussed. Keywords: Work-family conflict, employee satisfaction, state-owned enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises. 1. INTRODUCTION.

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