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sap crm web client customizing and development pdf

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Overview of the User Interface

SAP CRM WebUI Tutorial

Please keep in mind that this article provides guidance and tips to customers and developers who would like to take advantage of this functionality. At the end of the day, if you require assistance, it will be a consulting engagement. Best of luck. With Ehp1 on CRM7. The developments which used to take one or two complete man days now can be done in few minutes using the various new features given on AET side.

Its now merely putting up all you need in the AET table extension wizard and it gives you a all "Ready to Use" view with absolutely no coding needed. All you need to do is the view configurations to put the fields the way you want. Let it be a dropdown field, a search help field or a check table based field, the new AET give you a way to just command the system what you want and it get the thing ready for you..

Below is a small illustration of a development i did at my client using AET Table extensions, It is an assignment block which is a view set. In this blog, I am going to focus on how easy it is to create your own Z component and things you must consider before or during AET. AET will create a Z component with this name and will add all your Z views created using AET to this component, unless, you change to other component in this transaction.

The view config tool opens in a pop-up. Select "Display Enhancements" button. A new popup opens which display the existing enhancements. You see the new Assignment block on the Overviewpage unsed "Available blocks". You can change the values , delete the values and record in table gets modified on its own.

What all AET gives you in this development is listed below:. If your customizing clinet does not allow workbench changes, then better start on workbench client. Ideally you should start on customizing client and it should be allowed to have workbench changes in this customizing client. Do inform Basis person about this if he is not aware. It is a good idea to have an excel sheet where you have already written what fields of what data type and length, will it be a dropdown or search help?

Same is applicable for check table related fields. This will directly dump on the system and it is difficult to find why the dump occurs if others don't know the background of your work. System will straightly dump during generation and onwards untill you fix the inconsistencies. It will give lot of inconsistencies even though SE11 and SE14 activation is successful. May be this blog is not for freshers as it does not give "how to" kind of stuff in great details with pictures etc but in my next blog i am going to do this detail work with a demo scenario so anyone can start from scratch.

All the best and keep exploring the new features of ehp 1. May be its a bit late as we have EhP2 now but Ehp 2 doesn't have much in store for UI and ofcourse, it is better late than never. Business Role. A business role is the entry point into the application from an end user point of view during runtime.

You can use the business role to control the navigation bar, logical links, direct links and user authorizations. Marketing Personal will be assigned with "Marketing Professional" Business Role, which includes all the activities in the marketing process. Working with Business Roles. The following two approaches to working with business roles are.

Select the Business Role Sales Professional. Copy Sales Professional. Navigation Bar Profile : The Navigation Bar Profile is the main object to control the available business content and links for a user.

It contains links to all work centers that belong to a role. Work centers contain links to the search pages of the business objects that belong to each work center. We assign the Role Configuration key to the business role to be able to view the changes made in the Web UI. Assigning Business Role. You can assign a business role either at the org unit level or to a position. User can login with the business role assigned to him.

And then when we get staffed into a project then also we also the same paradigm continue on functional or technical track. I was also going in my technical track, when we hit an escalation and the customer wanted a speedy resolution of the problem. The project landscape was CRM-ERP, and some body had accidentally deleted the customization entry through a transport.

This was not allowing a very important deal to go through. The consequence was known, a very high prio ticket raised and the support colleague said it was design issue. As luck would have it, being festival week in India, the functional colleagues were on leave and US colleagues would join in some time later.

There was a colleague who came to me saying that the error message was self explanatory indicating that the customizing had been played around with but to prove that we still needed to find out what has happened and then point to the which had transported the erroneous customizing. I was aware of the customization but did not know how to evaluate the change log. After some minutes of playing around we could prove that the customization itself was deleted and that was the root cause of the problem.

We found the customizing transport request and shot a mail to the team citing the root cause. Major relief and major problem solved. There was another issue we had faced earlier when we need to check the material hierarchy in CRM for a downloaded product from ERP. There was some error in data download for that product and some of the development was termed as buggy because of that. Using the variant class configuration knowledge, we could convince the stakeholders the problem was in material class hierarchies rather than in the development.

An important learning that came through is that when you work in a project you just cannot be technical guy. You need to have a basic knowledge of base customization and also how check different options.

This not only helps you to fight escalations but make you independent worker. This new version includes debugging tips as well should be published this week, so keep a look out.

Once again, please keep in mind that this article provides guidance and tips to customers and developers who would like to take advantage of this functionality. Function Profiles are used in the business roles to define special functions, such as the level of personalization, standard messages to be replaced or the working context etc.

Interaction Center business roles are different from the normal Business Roles in terms of the functionality. So most of the function profiles we find in the system are to control these special functions in the IC specific roles. We do have general function profiles as well and can assign several function profiles to a single business role.

They are assigned to a business role with a profile value. To use few of the functions, you must activate the business functions required in UI Framework available as per the versions.

Finding Available Function Profiles:. Assigning Function Profiles:. Types of Function Profiles:. There are four types of function profiles available in system as below:. Generic Profile : These profiles can be assigned to any type of business role and they control the general functionalities in the CRM Web Client. General Profiles Used:. As a part of this blog we will see the general function profiles we use and the functionalities we can control using them.

You can use this function profile to define the level of personalization that is available for the user in the WebClient UI. You can assign this function profile to every business role, and use one of the following predefined profile values:. Note: In the standard system, this function profile is not assigned to any business role. This means that all personalization options are available. You can use this function profile to define the working context.

You can define Working Context Profiles under the following path:. You can assign system messages that are to be replaced by customer messages, to this function profile.

You can view the available profile values or create new under the path. You can use the Central Sharing Tool to share items with other users, organizational units, positions or business roles. You can share the following items: Tags, Favorites, Saved searches and Favorite reports.

This means that users can receive shared items, but they cannot share items. This means that users can receive shared items, but they cannot remove shared items from the Inbox. This means that users can share items, and, in addition, copy saved searches into the recipient's saved searches. You can assign a default report to be displayed in the Dashboards content block on the home page of the business role. Unless the user has specified any reports in the personalization of the content block, this report is displayed.

As a value, enter the logical link of the relevant report. By default, the first report in your personalized list of reports is displayed. If a user does not have reports in their personalized list of reports, then the report configured by the superuser is displayed. You can use these parameters to add settings quickly. This means that you do not have to create a complete function profile just to add one setting. This parameter enables or disables the usage of charts in tables in the WebClient UI.

You can assign the following values to this parameter:. This parameter specifies the maximum number of data records that are displayed in the result list of a business object. The default value is

Best Seller SAP CRM Web Client - Customizing and Development Free Download

Therefore, the business role is the central object for controlling the navigation bar. At the beginning of this chapter, we will, once again, briefly describe the general business scenario Customer Interaction Cycle and its role concept. In its standard delivery, the user interface of the CRM Web Client is already adjusted to the role used and with version CRM , SAP delivered more than 35 predefined business roles in the standard system. Sample business roles include marketing, sales, and service employees as well as IC agents. You can adjust the business roles that SAP delivers in the standard system to your individual business processes, and thus incorporate your typical business requirements into the system.

with SAP CRM Web Client! Cover of SAP CRM Web Client—Customizing and Development pages, E-book formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, online.

Best Seller SAP CRM Web Client - Customizing and Development Free Download

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