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types of electrical splices and joints pdf

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He's just messing with this website so don't care about what he says. When working with electronic equipment or with electrical wiring, it may from time to time become necessary to splice or join wires together. Splices and joints are essentially the same thing.

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The Western Union splice or Lineman splice is a method of joining electrical cable , developed in the nineteenth century during the introduction of the telegraph and named for the Western Union telegraph company. This method can be used where the cable may be subject to loading stress. The wrapping pattern design causes the join to tighten as the conductors pull against each other. This type of splice is more suited to solid, rather than stranded conductors. In , Practical electric wiring described it as being, "by far the most widely used splice" in practical electrical wiring work. The textbook Practical electric wiring describes the construction of the Western Union splice; short tie and long tie. The short tie splice has it being formed after stripping the insulation from a pair of wires for several inches, each, crossing the wires left over right as shown in figure part A; then, a hooked cross figure part B is formed holding the crossing point of the two wires, and pulling the right wire tip toward and pushing the left wire tip away from the worker, leaving the tips oriented vertically as shown.

Wire splices and joints pdf download. It is. Download pdf. The joint is supplied with six splice trays each able to accommodate up to 12 fibre splices. Fixture splices, or fixture joints, are used to connect wires of different sizes. This joint requires five inches of insulation stripped off the wire. Hold the wires together and then twist them a few times with a pair of pliers.

Western Union splice

As a student in Electrical Installation and Maintenance you should acquire the important knowledge and skills in wire splices and joints and should be familiar with the actual application of every splice and joint. This will serve as your tool in performing actual wiring installation. Of course, another factor is the knowledge in interpreting and analyzing the wiring diagram especially if the circuit is complicated. This kind of joint is commonly used to join two or more conductors inside the junction box. It is suitable for service where there is no mechanical stress when wires are to be connected in an outlet box, switch, or conduit fitting.

Accueil Contact. Which catalog would you like? Rat Tail or Pig Tail This kind of joint is commonly used to join two or more conductors inside Western union splice joint. This is a straight joint used for small solid cables.

The following are the Common Electrical Wire Splices and Joints.• EXTENSION CORD • An extension cord is a span of flexible electrical power cable with a plug​.

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A wire splice widely used or applied inside to building. This splice is applied only to small solid wire. A splice which is similar to a western union short tie, only that the number of twist at the center and at both end are more compare to a short tie.

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Electrical Cable jointing procedures

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When using any type of wire stripper, hold the wire perpendicular to the To create a rattail joint, first strip the insulation off the ends of the conductors to be manual for safe operating procedures for the compressed air/nitrogen heating tool.

Western Union splice