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While everyone is exposed to natural background radiation , workers may also be exposed to ionizing radiation in workplaces with radiation sources. These radiation sources can pose a health risk to workers if not properly controlled.

Radiation Safety

Skip to main navigation Skip to Content. Print pdf copy. All spills of radioactive material must be cleaned up immediately. The Applicant Authority understands and acknowledges that all statements and representations made in the licence application and on supplementary pages are binding on the applicant. This person would be called upon to implement any corrective measures directed by the CNSC and to ensure that adequate resources were available to rectify potential or actual non-compliance issues.

Radiation Safety

Laser Safety Program. NRC - Notice to Employees. Radioisotope Safety Manual. Virginia Department of Health - Notice to Employees. The original concept for the laser was developed by Charles Townes in , who won a Nobel Prize in for his work on the theory of lasers. The first laser was built by Theodore Maiman in using a synthetic ruby crystal as the lasing medium. Lasers produce light by a process that involves changes in energy states within the atoms of certain materials.

ONA has also assisted members with questions about X-ray protection. Employers have a responsibility to protect you from these hazards in your workplace. The selected information below will help you become more familiar with chemical and radiation hazards including how to prevent exposures. Tailor the templates below to help you get started. The Ministry of Labour can inspect workplaces or investigate complaints, injuries or accidents with a view to determining compliance with health and safety law.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Some Technical Aspects of Microwave Radiation Hazards Abstract: Man's ability to generate microwave power has been increasing at the rate of about 15 db per decade. Experiments performed by subjecting animals to high power indicate that hazards to personnel could exist if appropriate safety measures are not adopted and observed. This paper reviews the history of the recognition of this potential hazard and the safety measures adopted by the Bell System and others to protect personnel. Some typical and pertinent research work is discussed, and it is shown how these results have influenced the establishment of criteria for safe and potentially hazardous environments for human beings.

Radiation Safety Manual

A physical hazard is an agent, factor or circumstance that can cause harm with contact. They can be classified as type of occupational hazard or environmental hazard. Physical hazards include ergonomic hazards , radiation , heat and cold stress, vibration hazards, and noise hazards. Physical hazards are a common source of injuries in many industries.

Ionizing Radiation Safety Procedures and Policies Manual

Beta This is a new way of showing guidance - your feedback will help us improve it. Every day in the UK, a wide range of radiation types are used in industrial, medical, research and communications applications. Some of these applications cause harmful exposure risks that must be effectively controlled. This section explains how those controls can be put in place. A scrap metal dealer bought a hand-held X-ray fluorescence analyser sometimes called an XRF gun to analyse the alloy content in scrap. These guns generate an intense beam of X-ray radiation at the front end of the equipment, and also result in a scattering of X-rays when they strike the test material. When used properly, pointing away from all parts of the body, the radiation risks to operators and others will be minimal.

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Radiation Safety Manual

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    The ALARA concept dictates that we implement safety measures that are commensurate with the level of risk presented by the radiation hazard.

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    Periodic in-service training and monitoring on radiation safety was suggested. ResearchGate exposure of patients and health workers to radiation hazards; dose imparted during common radiological procedures and the.