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interactional and transactional functions of language pdf

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TRansactional Vs Interactional

Think of calling the bank. When you call your bank on the telephone, you want specific information say the amount of money in your savings account. You ask very direct questions and there are many social rules in this conversation. You wouldnt ask the other person about the weather, for example. That would be very strange and would be breaking the social rules of this conversation. You and the other people in the conversation stay on topic and when that topic is finished, you end the conversation, usually.

Transactional and Interactional Language (Short Bond Paper)

Skip to content. Interactional language is the language we use to build and maintain relationships. It can be compared to transactional language, which normally carries a message and is the language used to get things done. To maintain interaction, speakers use interactional strategies. Example Learners in a multi-lingual group chatting together before a class begins are using interactional language.

Interaction occurs when two people are engaged in a dialogue or actively participating in the process. An encounter at a local coffee shop brought the difference to my attention. When I ordered hot tea, the barista was friendly, knowledgeable and quickly helped me make my choice of tea, based on a few questions about my preferences. There was authentic interest, assistance and interaction about helping me with my selection and purchase. The interaction was so noticeably different from a typical transaction that I actually went to three of their other locations to see if it was a fluke.

Language has two functions in communication, they are transactional and interactional. In interactional function, language to keep and save social relation in the formulation of information is not so important, but what is important is interaction.


Such interactions are at times almost formulaic and often do not result in a real conversation. They serve to create a positive atmosphere and to create a comfort zone between people who might be total strangers. Topics that are appropriate in small talk may differ across cultures, since topics that are considered private in some cultures e. While seemingly a trivial aspect of speaking, small talk plays a very important role in social interaction.

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Think of calling the bank. When you call your bank on the telephone, you want specific information say the amount of money in your savings account. You ask very direct questions and there are many social rules in this conversation.

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Teaching speaking for interactional versus transactional purposes

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