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frogs fleas and painted cubes pdf

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In an earlier unit, Thinking WithMathematical Models, students studied the use of linear models and investigatedexamples of inverse variation.

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8th grade CMP3 math (Bonny Babel)

Achieving Excellence. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School. Sign In. Search Our Site. About Us " Forecasting. Athey Creek Middle Accelerated Algebra 7. Claire Friedman. I can solve and check multi-step equations including problems with the distributive property. I can determine the best linear fit for data by looking at residuals and write the equation for the line.

I can recognize, describe, and extend non-linear patterns in data. I can recognize, graph, and write the equation for inverse variation functions.

I can estimate and justify that estimate! I can validate or disprove statements about data using statistics mean, median, mode, percents, ratios, etc I can read graphs and tables and use standard deviation, outliers, clusters and spread to describe the data.

I know the squares square roots through 15 I can estimate square roots to the hundredths place. I can simplify radicals. I can find and simplify cube roots Given the values of two sides of a right triangle, I can use the Pythagorean theorem to find a missing side value. I can find the area of compound shapes by using triangles and rectangles. I can order rational and irrational numbers on a number line. I can find the surface area and volume of 3D shapes include cones, rectangular prisms, triangular prisms, and pyramids with and without nets.

Exponential Given a problem situation involving growth rates or factors or decay rates or factors , I can write an equation, create a data table, and graph the data. I can continue to recognize linear, inverse and exponential functions from sets of data.

Given a quadratic problem situation, a graph, or a set of data I can write the equation. Given a quadratic equation, I can find the axis of symmetry, the x- and y-intercepts, and vertex and then graph the parabola. I can identify the transformations that occur to a parabola from the parent function, including shifts up, down, right, left, wider, narrower, and inverted, including combinations of them.

I can use systems of equations to solve problem situations. I can solve a system consisting of a linear equations and a quadratic equation algebraically and graphically. Site Map Back to Top. Questions or Feedback?

Frogs fleas and painted cubes homework help

Normally, we would be using Chromebooks in class regularly. Obviously with Distance Learning, we are all using devices to access class work. The attached syllabus gives more details on grading, assessments, groupwork, and more. Use the link to the right to access a free online graphing calculator and other online recources. Students are encouraged to bookmark this site and become very familiar with it. It is the same calculator as the one used on the MCA math test.

frogs fleas painted cubes

It's in the System Topic outline General. Bonny Babel. Graph Paper File. Text series: Connected Mathematics Project.

Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes Investigation 3 & 4 Test Review

Students will learn to recognize quadratic patterns of change in tables and graphs, and they will learn to write equations to represent those patterns.

frogs fleas painted cubes

Describe the graph of this equation. What is the maximum area for a rectangle with this perimeter? What dimensions correspond to this area? A rectangle with this perimeter has a length of 15 meters. What is its area? Describe 2 ways you can find the perimeter.

Embed Size px x x x x Unit Opener. Mathematical Highlights. Mathematical Reflections.

Embed Size px x x x x Unit Opener. Mathematical Highlights. Mathematical Reflections.

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    Multiply polynomials.

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    How can I answer questions about the situation by studying a table, graph, or equation of the quadratic relationship? 4. Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes.

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    The next unit in your child's mathematics class this year is Frogs, Fleas, and. Painted Cubes: Quadratic Relationships. In an earlier unit, Thinking With.