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home automation and security system using android adk pdf

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The idea of a smart home is getting attention for the last few years.

Praveena, K. Rajganesh, B. Vinitha, S.

Home Automation & Security System Using Arduino Android ADK

Praveena, K. Rajganesh, B. Vinitha, S. Kandasamy, M. Abstract:- In todays environmentTheft is one of the most common and illegal behaviors. The fear of Theft always agitate many people. When traditional security systems are become less safe, one can need the help of electronic security systems. Security systems can include motion sensors and infrared sensors that will find any kind of obstacle in home and notify the user.

The development model will be based on embedded system with GSM technology. The main idea of this project is to protect our home through Android Mobile. An unauthorized movement in the home is detected by PIR Sensor.

A buzzer in this system will give a warning system. This project is to provide a reliable security to home. Now a days security is used in all the fields.

Home security has also attained more rapid changes, but the costs of all existing security systems are so high and it is not affordable for all the users. This project is aimed to give the best and low cost security solution to the home. In this we have incorporated the GSM technology and Android platform to design a user friendly and more secure home security system. The concept of giving password through android mobile is generally used to provide reliable security tohome [1].

The GSM modem is being used in our project as it has a better coverage in both indoor and outdoor environment. GSM technology is a leading 2G technology is available in all countries and it is the low cost communication [2].

The cost of implementing this security system for controlling theft is cost effective and safe system. The user interface for the system is so simple and can easily understand by the all people [3]. The mainprocesses of the system take place through our mobile phones so there will not be any hardware system is not required.

Deepali Javale, Mohd. Mohsin, Shreerang Nandanwar, Mayur Shingate [1]Home automation and security systems are used to help old aged and physically challenged people who can able to control home appliances and alert them in a problematic situations.

This paper gives the design of home automation and security system using Android ADK. The system is used to detect the theft, leakage of gas and fire, and send alert message remotely. KhannaSamratVivekanandOmprakash[3] The paper is to examine a money-making solution that will control home appliances remotely and it also enable home security against theft in the absence of home owner. The system uses wireless link such asBluetooth, zigbee, Infrared and Wi-Fi access to the system for security.

Sathya Narayanan, S. It is developed by using PIC microcontroller with the ZigBee technology to control the household appliance. The home automation system is used to control electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands with the help of speech recognition chip HM The proposed system provides the overall framework of hardware and software designof the system and describes the ways to implement it.

Rajesh Banala, D. Upender[5]To implement a real-time surveillance to the home security, the inventive remote monitoring system was developed. The system can send irregular images and alert messages through MMS and SMS; receive remote instruction, and remote monitoring of home appliances. The intelligent remote monitoring system can be. Nikhil Agarwal and Subramanya G Nayak. The door lock system is password protected. It has LED based resistive screen input panel which process by detecting difference in light intensity.

It captured by the photo diode which is surrounded by red LEDs. The LCD display is a 16X2 size. IR sensors are used to detect any disturbance while monitoring the windows and doors.

It also contains Fire alarm system uses LM35 temperature sensor which senses sudden increase in temperature and on alarm. Now there are three main methods used for providing security to home. They are remote monitoring, surveillance system and GSM technology.

But the cost of manufacturing these systems are quite high when compared to the proposed system. In this scenario surveillance systems are that much secure like proposed system, because it is easily damaged by the theft. Existing systems are cost effective and they are not that much secure comparing to this proposed system.

Many existing systems are based on Wireless Sensor Network and remote monitoring. These systems are not affordable for all the people in the society. To make the system more secure a password is given by the user to the device through Android Mobile. The user can lock and unlock the Home through Mobile. Once the password is used, the device automatically generates the new password and sends it to the owner of to the home.

The system is operated based on two conditions. PIR sensor is Operated based on Infrared light. If any disturbance happens the sensor will detect it and the device will act based on the condition given in the program. It sends the alertmessage to user through GSM modem. A buzzer is attached to the device to alert the neighborhood people. If we are trying to open the door the first step is to turn ON our mobile Bluetoothconnection and paired with the security system inside the home.

To unlock the door the correct password is given through the mobile phone. The device and Android Mobile Communicates through Bluetooth connection. The LCD display is used in this system to know the status of the security locking system of the home.

It act as the interface between the user and the locking system. It is developed by Microchip Technology. It provides a single integrated "environment" to develop code for embedded microcontrollers. Once the codehas no errors, it needs to be tested. A software program that simulates the execution of the microcontroller. GSM was designed with a moderate level of security. It has broad network coverage. The system was designed to authenticate the subscriber using a pre-shared key and challenge-response.

The transmission between the subscriber and the base station can be encrypted. The progress of UMTS introduces anoptional USIM, that uses a longer validation key to give greater security, as well as interactively authenticating the network and the user — whereas GSM only authenticatestheuser to the network.

The communication through the GSM technology is more secure as it usesencryption technique to send the alert message. This is an ongoing project. By implementing this home security system in real time, we can control the theft easily and it will give a more security system to home at a affordable price. This system is user friendly to the user and the environment. It can be easily used by any person. PDF Version View. Praveena1, K. Rajganesp, B. Vinitha3, S. Kandasamy4, M.

The intelligent remote monitoring system can be responsible and needed for providing reliable home security. Flow of operation The Android mobile is the interface between the home owner and the security system. GSM modem is the communication medium to alert the users about the theft. New project Fig5. Selecting the Device Fig6. DeepaliJavale, Mohd.

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Home Automation & Security System Using Arduino Android ADK

Tech Ph. Home automation allows us to control household appliances like light, door, fan, AC etc. It also provides home security and emergency system to be activated. Home automation not only refers to reduce human efforts but also energy efficiency and time saving. The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and old aged people which will enable them to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations. This paper put forwards the design of home automation and security system using Android ADK. We would develop an authentication to the system for authorized person to access home appliances.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Today we are living in 21 st century where automation is playing important role in human life. Home automation allows us to control household appliances like light, door, fan, AC etc. It also provides home security and emergency system to be activated.

An Intelligent, Secure, and Smart Home Automation System

Sendhil Kumar 1 Estimated H-index: 1. View Paper. Add to Collection. Paper References 2 Citations Bluetooth based home automation system using cell phone.

A home automation system will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems. Design and implementation of a WIFI based home automation system free download This paper presents a design and prototype implementation of new home automation system that uses WiFi technology as a network infrastructure connecting its parts.

home automation system

Home Security System for Controlling Theft using android ADK

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The existence of smart home systems in the current generation has become very much crucial. In the recent years smart homes have been developing as a residence that uses any controlling mechanism is usually more secured. This paper describes the overall design of home security system which can even be adapted by the people with lower income. The main target of this system is control of door movement, that is locking and unlocking of the door through smart devices such as smart phone or a small hand held device which facilitates remote access from smart devices. The design of home automation and security system along with the further improvements are discussed in this paper. During hazardous conditions this android based home security system is very useful for old aged people. The entryway bolt framework includes an android advanced cell as the disciplinarian, Bluetooth module as the charge specialist, Arduino Micro controller as controller focus and an electric entryway bolt or engine.

Show all documents So the overall implementation cost is very cheap and it is affordable by a common person. Looking at the current scenario we have chosen Android platform so that most of the people can get benefit. By including the voice recognition to the appliances it makes it even useful for the people suffering from paraplegia people who cannot move their limbs but can speak and listen. The popularity of wireless networks in home has increased in recent years, and the advanced computer technology has made the personal digital device to commonly have the capability to communicate through the wireless network.

Home appliances are connected to the ADK and communication is Home Automation and Security System Using Android ADK 4. PDF. Alert. Research Feed. Keyless Smart Home: An application of Home Security and Automation.

Scientific Programming Towards a Smart World 2020

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    For this home automation and security system we are targeting Android platform since it has huge market and open source. Android is a software stack for mobile.

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    INTRODUCTIONHome automation is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting,​.

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