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design glucose sensor and monitor glucose level in human body pdf

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Infection Prevention during Blood Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Administration

It can also be a strip of glucose paper dipped into a substance and measured to the glucose chart. It is a key element of home blood glucose monitoring HBGM by people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia. A small drop of blood, obtained by pricking the skin with a lancet , is placed on a disposable test strip that the meter reads and uses to calculate the blood glucose level. Since approximately , a primary goal of the management of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus has been achieving closer-to-normal levels of glucose in the blood for as much of the time as possible, guided by HBGM several times a day. The benefits include a reduction in the occurrence rate and severity of long-term complications from hyperglycemia as well as a reduction in the short-term, potentially life-threatening complications of hypoglycemia. Leland Clark presented his first paper about the oxygen electrode, later named the Clark electrode, on 15 April , at a meeting of the American Society for Artificial Organs during the annual meetings of the Federated Societies for Experimental Biology.

Glucose meter

Kamat, Dhanashri Bagul, P. Bioimpedance measurement is gaining importance in wide field of bioresearch and biomedical systems due to its noninvasive nature. Noninvasive measurement method is very important to decrease infection and physical injuries which result due to invasive measurement. This paper presents basic principle of bioimpedance along with its application for blood glucose analysis and effect of frequency on impedance measurement. Input from bioimpedance sensor is given to amplifier and signal conditioner AD Impedance of any material can be defined as the opposition offered by material to the electric current flowing through it.

Glucose Biosensors: An Overview of Use in Clinical Practice

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has become increasingly concerned about the risks for transmitting hepatitis B virus HBV and other infectious diseases during assisted blood glucose blood sugar monitoring and insulin administration. Monitoring of blood glucose levels is frequently performed to guide therapy for persons with diabetes. In the last 10 years, alone, there have been at least 15 outbreaks of HBV infection associated with providers failing to follow basic principles of infection control when assisting with blood glucose monitoring. Due to under-reporting and under recognition of acute infection, the number of outbreaks due to unsafe diabetes care practices identified to date are likely an underestimate. For example, at a health fair in New Mexico in , dozens of attendees were potentially exposed to bloodborne viruses when fingerstick devices were inappropriately reused for multiple persons to conduct diabetes screening.

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