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too and either exercises pdf

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Skip to main content. Sometimes we use a quantifier in the place of a determiner :. Most children start school at the age of five. We ate some bread and butter. We saw lots of birds. We can use these quantifiers with both count and uncount nouns:.

So - Too - Either - Neither

Examples of these adverbs or adverb phrases are: when, before, after, as soon as, until. English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate. We can also modify comparisons to show big or small differences. She will be a good actress if she hard. This morning, I got up as soon as the alarm clock ran g at a.

If you are unsure how to use either and neither, do not worry much — many native English speakers are frustrated by the same problem. On this page, you can read about how to use them in negative sentences, in combination with or and nor , and on their own. Neither can I. My uncle has two. Either will suit my purposes. I can borrow any of them.

I like to read novels. Your friend says ''I don't eat meat'' and you want to agree. I do, … 4 She's both intelligent and witty. Neither the van nor the cars are fast enough. This is a free beginner English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. Answers: 1 both 2 neither 3 either 4 both 5 neither 6 either 7 both 8 neither 2 Tell students to imagine they are a teacher who has to correct the sentences. Level: Intermediate.

Too - Either

Today, I am eight. I will be attending a new school, and so will my cousin. I will have a desk and my classmates will too. I won't have to share a book, and my classmates won't either. My cousin will work hard too.

Also vs Too vs Either Exercise 2


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    Grammar: Using too, either, neither, so. A: too and either. *A: I'm happy. We use too and either at the end of a sentence. We use too after a positive verb.

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