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Also, some of the changes in 7. I suspect 5. As you can tell, by and large I think V7. I think 5. Talent advancement was significantly different, and characteristic improvements cost ten times as much.


There would Tunnels and Trolls 7. Danforth, Michael A. Stackpole, Stephen S. Special thanks are added to this dedi- Published under license by cation for the efforts of Jason Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. Kempton and his staff at Fiery Dragon Productions, without whom Dedication the 7th and 7. There is also a tip of This special enhanced version of the the hat and a deep bow to James L. It greatly magnified the current revival is consecrated to the loyal legions of of the game.

Lastly, I am a forgetful old troll, and there have been many others who I would like to offer my special have contributed art, time, devotion, thanks to those most loyal of minions, ideas, adventures, and moral support the members of Trollhalla.

Know alive than you know, and your many that I treasured your friendship and efforts are greatly appreciated. I invite all readers to join the elite by visiting Trollhalla on the internet at. Andre, July Thats the kind of publisher that special 30th anniversary edition of every game designer and writer loves Tunnels and Trolls.

They had their to work with. So, this is edition 7. I used the opportunity things in it that make it different from to update and change the game consid- the 7th edition. Youll have to read erably. Changes included a new carefully to find those changes, but I attribute Wizardry to be used in think youll find the game is even doing magic, a new skill system using faster to play and more enjoyable now character Talents instead of exhaustive than it was in the old mystical 7th. I lists of every ability in the world, new only wish we could have kept it in a tin character classes including the boxbut with all the extra goodies that Specialist and the Citizen, a new way come with this edition, that box would of looking at character levels as have looked more like a steamer dependent upon attributes rather than trunkand that just wouldnt work in arbitrary numbers of experience points, the game stores.

Heh, its a pity. Everything I said in Troll Talk way back in still remains true. The Three years have passed. Thanks to game owes a great creative debt to that tin box edition that Fiery Dragon many other peoplenot the least of [FDP] released in , Tunnels and whom are Dave Arnesson and the late Trolls is flourishing as much or more E. Gary Gygax. Rick Loomis and all than it ever has in the past. When FDP the people I mentioned in the dedica-. The players who have remembered it fondly and used It is important to explain the it to teach whole new generations of basic concept of the game as gamers about role-playing are the briefly as possible.

Here it is. You dont have to abide by every imaginable form of mon- everything Ive written in these rules. Brave Do what works for you and your men and women of many dif- gamers. If you havent messed with ferent kindred humans, elves, the printed rules and made at least a dwarves, hobbs, leprechauns, couple of changes, you arent really and many others arm them- playing Tunnels and Trolls. May the monsters be mon- Those who survive and return strous and the magic truly amazing!

Every time your character returns from a tunnel alive or any kind of adven- tureyou need not be underground , you may consid- er yourself a winner. The higher the character level and the more wealth your character. He tells the players what they can see or observe In order to play Tunnels and around them. They, in turn, tell Trolls it is necessary to do the the GM what actions they take, following things first: what special search procedures they use, and anything else that 1 Someone must create and may be relevant to the situation.

Draw your own maps if you 2 Create and name the fantasy must, or feel free to ask the GM characters heroes allat least to draw you a rough map of the potentially who will explore immediate environment. Players should, as much as is 3 Arm and provision those easily possible, role-play their characters so that they have a characters. Try not to think of chance of getting down into the yourself as an Olympian god dungeon and back out alive.

Likewise, the GM should get into character for his Tunnels and Trolls is a game of puppet minions. Instead of limited information. Individual merely saying, an ugly troll players cannot see the whole comes around the corner board or dungeon map. Only singing an unpleasant ditty, try. You create The game progresses in a series these characters yourself in a of give-and-take actions with semi-random fashionthat is, both Game Master and players their beginning attributes are trying to make this an interest- randomly determined by rolling ing tale of adventure and dice, but you determine such derring-do.

From time to time things as character type, kin- dice will be rolled. The players dred, gender, name, talents, will find themselves in fear for choice of weapons and spells, their imaginary lives. The GM equipment, and all other small will find himself coping with details that will individualize player reactions that he had no your character.

Riddles will be solved; monsters will be There is a general form to char- defeated; treasure will be won. You create dozens of tunnel-travel- might just all prove too dumb ing characters very quickly. You can find a glued pad of character sheets that came with these rules, or, if youve used them all and have no computer access, you can just use a sheet of paper and make something that looks like this:.

The exact form of the character the game. I will discuss each card or sheet isnt very impor- attribute in detail a little further tant. Its just a way of along. A Talent is a special ability, skill, or knowledge held by your Strength, Constitution, character. Talents are Dexterity, and Speed are your explained in detail later on. A characters physical attributes. Talent should help personalize Intelligence, Wizardry, Luck, your character and give you a and Charisma are the mental kind of identity.

When you first attributes. Taken all together, create a character, limit it to a these Prime Attributes deter- single Talent. As the character mine what your player grows in experience, it may character is capable of doing in develop other Talents.

I will use these conven- which is what I usually do. Generally speaking, triples add and roll over. Strength and Constitution val- ues; Wizards tend to have high Intelligence and Wizardry; To determine numerical values Rogues have high Luck and for a characters attributes, Dexterity; Citizens have low to begin rolling the three six-sided average values throughout.

But dice now. Keeping in mind the its your choiceyou can have a TARO rule, the possible range weak warrior or a lucky wizard for a characters attribute values if you wish.

Yes, ter, you need to give it a name I know this wreaks havoc with and gender. Our example will the bell-curve distribution of be male, and is called Gimor character attributesI meant it Ironfang, although it could just to do that. Trollworld is full of as easily be Daisy the Delicious heroes, freaks, and monsters Dancer and be female.

Next, you would determine what Type of character Gimor. Things are difficult and Paragons. In a fantasy at the beginning. You must be joking, Ken! No, Im not joking. I Citizen A Citizen is your average dweller in Trollworld.

He has no special training in combat or magic. He can learn to use weapons or to cast the occasion- al spell, but he has no special aptitude for either. There is not much reason for players to make Citizen characters, although Game Masters will want lots of them just to popu- late their worlds. Citizens didnt get any special training as children, other than what their parents and mentors taught them.

Why have Citizens in the game at all? Every world needs normal peo- ple who are not adventurers. There must be farmers and fish- ermen and smiths and merchants. The player is.

Further, theyre just not apt enough to get the full effect of what they try to do when cast- ing spells: To cast any spell, a Citizen must make a SR on INT and a second SR on DEX at the same level as the spell being attempted. See Saving Rolls on 99 and Casting Spells on Antirequisite: A character cant be a Citizen if he or she rolled any triples on attributes. Not everybody can be Both magic and weapons may Conan or Gandalf or the Gray serve them, but they live best by Mouser.

Players are encouraged to make characters Citizens can have Talents also. In memorable character whos many cases, actually, the term is very, very good at just one considered short for rogue thing. They can use Many rogues are characters both weapons and magic, but who have the inherent power get no special advantages in necessary to cast magic spells, either. He or she might those three attributes. This not have had the necessary Talent may be used in place of Intelligence or Dexterity to join any Intelligence, Luck, or the Wizards Guild.

A Rogue Charisma SR. See Talents on might be a nobles lazy child 31 and Saving Rolls on A Rogue may may start play knowing any have grown up in a backwater one 1st-level Wizard spell; he settlement too far from the must have a sufficiently high Guild to find a teacher.

There Intelligence score to cast any are a thousand reasons; Rogues spell, just as a Wizard. He may often come from the poorer buy or learn more spells as classes of society, who generally opportunities present them- cannot afford Guild tuitions, selves, but the Wizards Guild and may have ended up will not teach him spells for any thieves, gamblers, or tricksters fee.

Rogues must always pay as a result. They are used to the full listed WIZ cost of any living by their wits. Magic will never training of Warrior mentors or become second nature to a tutelary Wizards, and generally Rogue the way it is to a true. Furthermore, the ing sideline in selling spells for use of magic staves or other exorbitant prices.


Tunnels And Trolls 5. This is the same tool that was available on the eposic. Post by Sophia. I got the game in PDF format, it is a massive tome file? BUT once we have that done, you will be able to download an updated copy of the PDF for no extra charge.

Tunnels & Trolls v7.5

There would Tunnels and Trolls 7. Danforth, Michael A. Stackpole, Stephen S.

What its about: On your first visit to Khosht, you meet up with Cherry, the legendary swashbuckling she-devil. Her friend Fang has just been taken prisoner by ghouls outside of town. Will you aid Cherry and Slather the Troll rescue Fang from a fate worse than death?

There are 6 primary works and 6 total works in the Tunnels Series. Free PDF Download. Tunnels and Trolls 7. So, this is edition 7. Tunnels at risk of body and soul.

T & T Solos - Plus Various Editions of Rules

Andre, and a Trollworld chronology]. Page count increased from to !

TnT 7.5E Rulebook

Featuring a revised core rulebook containing additional equipment, examples and a treasure generator. Both a Solo and a GM-based adventure provide out-of-the-box action. A combined monster and spellbook contains over 70 new monsters and dozens of spells. The included color map of Kaball gives GM's a base for campaign level play. Die cut monster and player tokens round out this complete roleplaying package. This box provides endless hours of enjoyment.

Moderators: ken-do-nim , Warwolf. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Tunnels Trolls 7.

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