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Throughout history, both small and large nations have elevated certain types of nonelected workers to positions of relative power within the governmental structure. Collectively, these essential workers are called the bureaucracy.

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Read this article to learn about the definition, sources and problems of comparative public administration. The time-old concepts of political science such as government, administration, sovereignty etc. But these conceptions lost some of their relevance when they travelled to the new states of Asia and Africa. But these new states were administered and governed according to local systems, culture, customs and procedures.

To be more specific, the processes changed but the administration was conducted. In this background some political scientists started to think of comparing political systems of different countries. They deliberately avoided the terms such as state, sovereignty etc.

If the political and governmental structures of countries are different the administrative systems or structures are supposed to be different. The public administration of USA and that of the most undeveloped regions of Africa can never be of the same type or character. In this regard the considered opinion of a large number of scholars is if we do not compare the administrative systems of different countries.

We will fail to reach a definite opinion and conclusion. For a proper analysis of governmental structure and administrative systems a comparison is the best way. For this reason, in recent decades, the comparative government has earned wide popularity—so also the comparative public administration.

We have now reached a stage when we can define comparative public administration in fair way When the administrative systems or structures of different states are compared for the proper understanding of the subject we call it comparative public administration. In this view Wilson referred to the comparative aspects of public administration. The public administration of a state must be in consonance with the socio-economic-political structures of the state concerned.

Hamilton in his essay No. This constitutes the central idea of comparative public administration. Comparative government and comparative public administration are not same. The public administration is a part of government and so also the comparative public administration is a part of comparative government.

But administration and government are not identical concepts. The public administration is a part of government. The public administration is according to the type of government.

For example, we say capitalist state, we also say capitalist administration. The study of comparative public administration has gained momentum in recent years because of the fact that the emerging nations of Asia and Africa are trying hard to develop their economy and political system.

The simple objective is to meet the growing needs of people. The Great Depression of the thirties of the last century drastically changed the entire administrative system of USA.

In the same way the challenges posed by the attainment of political freedom of the Third World states force the leaders and administrators to bring about necessary changes in the colonial administration. There is no such term like indigenous administration. During and after the War many eminent political scientists and administrators were appointed to the policy determination department of US government and especially in the public administration department.

They desired to formulate new policies of public administration and studied the administrative systems of different countries. At the same time America came forward with large amount of financial help under the Marshall Plan. The authorities of these states with the existing system of public administration could not handle the aids under Marshall Plan and its proper utilisation was beyond its capability.

The planners and administrators proceeded to reformulate the general principles of public administration and this supplied materials for a new public administration. From the various types of the activities of UNO we come across the idea that the existing system of public administration of the developing nations of Asia and Africa do not possess the capability of handling the United Nations aid programmes and its activities in various countries. This new situation put a demand upon various authorities for overhauling the administrative system.

The old system of public administration was not aware of the modernisation of economic system and the advent of new economic principles. The new situation called for a new structure and principles of public administration. Easton, in his theory, has stated that political system is an open system. Its implication is political system is closely connected with the other system, and environment.

The implications in both political system and other systems or environment are interdependent. If so, the public administration of a political system or state can never remain unaffected if the forces of other systems put pressure on it.

Let us explain it further-being an open system the public administration of a particular state or in Eastonian phrase political system is bound to be affected by the public administration of other states. The classical theory of public administration was quite free from this factor. The analysis of comparative public administration in this way is claimed to be scientific, because it passes through the ordeal of various tests and scrutiny.

Comparison also brings about perfection. The comparative public administration and its rapid rise in popularity opened new vistas of thought and analysis. To put it in other words, cross-cultural relations among the nations inspired the administrative authority of states to open new avenues of comparative analysis.

The comparative public administration became highly popular in the high tide of cold war period. We now have Comparative Administration Group along with comparative public administration. The top policy makers, during the Cold War period decided that in order to streamline the- public administration more money, material and energy are to be invested.

The interest of the Ford Foundation reached highest peak at the height of the Cold War. In the sixties of the last century the Ford Foundation took special interest in the political and administrative affairs of the Third World states. It is because the erstwhile Soviet Union took special interest in the political and economic affairs of states and the clash of interest and ideologies was aggravating day-by-day.

So we find that Cold War was substantially responsible for the growing interest in comparative public administration and Comparative Administration Group. The Comparative Administration Group emphasised the following fields which are closely related with comparative public administration.

In the second place there must be elaborate arrangement for teaching the various fields of comparative public administration. Thirdly, the principle devised or suggested shall have ample scope of application in practical fields. Finally, the Comparative Administration Group emphasised the building up of theory. We have already noted that the primary objective of Ford Foundation was to encourage the public administration research and investigation of the Third World states.

It has been found that Comparative Administration Group sent number of researchers to the practical field to gather knowledge about the nature of public administration of the developing nations. So far as comparative public administration is concerned the Comparative Administration Group performed a very important job and, subsequently, this enriched the contents of the comparative public administration. This attempt of Comparative Administration Group surely performed a seminal task and it is called intellectual emergence.

The comparative public administration is now regarded by many as a movement. The public administration in its classical form was primarily concerned with the administrative system, principles and structure of any particular state. But today —after the rapid progress of liberalisation, globalisation and growing dependence among different nation states —the public administration has assumed unprecedented dependence upon the administrative systems of different countries and this has brought the public administration in the forefront of administrative systems.

Here I quote a relevant observation of a critic—comparative public administration is the theory of public administration as applied to diverse cultures and national settings and the body of factual data, by which it can be tested and expanded.

Hence we find that there is a difference between public administration and comparative public administration. The general principles of public administration, when applied to particular fields or situations comes to be known as comparative public administration.

There is growing demand in various corners of the globe of the basic principles of public administration which ought to be tested through their application in various political systems and cultures. This demand first emerged in embryonic form in the United States and later on the demand spread its wings in various parts. From the middle of the last century the comparative public administration as a movement is gradually gaining-momentum.

A Conference on International Political Association was held in Paris in and in that Conference it was demanded that public administration should be studied comparatively otherwise its exact nature will never come out. The comparative public administration was not confined only in Paris. The movement spread in many other states of Europe. It was due to the fact that no relations among nations were gradually increasing the comparative public administration was becoming more and more popular.

The newly states of Asia and Africa in their zeal to build up a basis of a new and developed state were willing to modernise the public administration but they were not willing to adopt the policy of copycat.

This practically resulted in the adoption or creation of new principles of public administration and this urge continues. Hence there is a movement of comparative public administration. The Comparative Administration Group has inspired the comparative public administration movement in a considerable way.

The principles established by research shall be applied to practice in order to establish its acceptability and viability. The administrative systems of all states especially of developing nations should be properly analysed and the differences between public administration of developed and developing nations should be compared.

He thought that the administrative systems and principles of the developed nations cannot be profitably applied to the backward or developing nations. He also said that while studying public administration of a country the ecology of a country must be carefully studied.

The fate of comparative public administration was faced with a problem towards the first years of the seventies. In the Comparative Administration Group was formed and both comparative public administration and Comparative Administration Group made joint efforts for the progress of the former. The separate existence and importance was felt unnecessary or it was made superfluous. The persons who were once interested in comparative public administration after the mid-seventies they lost their interest.

In the seventies many persons were eager to have degrees in comparative public administration and by the end of s only few persons displayed interest. Several reasons have been adduced to the decline in the importance an interest of comparative public administration. One such reason is many eminent persons began to think that only Public Administration was enough. And, if so, why Comparative Public Administration. Many persons associated with the comparative public administration movement could not give any satisfactory reply to this question.

During the Cold War period and even after the relaxation of tension many top-ranking administrators of USA began to think of development administration and not about comparative public administration. This is a potent cause of the decline of comparative public administration. Again it was thought that only public administration was enough and comparative chamber or approach is unnecessary.

There is another reason. In order to be a separate subject and important discipline, it must have separate groups of research and its researchers must build up models and paradigms. Unfortunately, the comparative public administration has no such models.

Comparative Public Administration: Definition, Sources and Problems

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Comparative Public Administration: Definition, Sources and Problems

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Local government administration in nigeria and the. There is a huge literature on the arbitrary control of the local government councils in nigeria. However, the concept of local government involves a philosophical commitment to democratic participation in the governing process at the grassroots level.

Read this article to learn about the definition, sources and problems of comparative public administration. The time-old concepts of political science such as government, administration, sovereignty etc.

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