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Association between stress and breast cancer in women: a meta-analysis. The objective of the current meta-analysis was to verify the association between stressful life events and primary breast cancer incidence in women. Eight studies were selected six case-controls and two cohorts. The studies were grouped in three analyses, two of which based on the categories widowhood and divorce and the other based on self-rated intensity and frequency of stressful events. Relative risks were: widowhood 1.

Oxidative stress and breast cancer biomarkers: the case of the cytochrome P450 2E1

Despite the high incidence and mortality rate of breast cancer BC in Ghana, little attention has been given to the issue of how adult women cope with having BC. The aim of this study was to explore the challenges, coping strategies, and support systems among women diagnosed with BC in Ghana. A systematic random sampling technique was used to select women with a confirmed diagnosis of BC. The most and least adopted active coping strategies were religious coping and humors, respectively. Self-distraction and substance use were the most and least adopted avoidant coping strategies, respectively. This study demonstrates that women diagnosed with BC in Ghana adopt varied coping strategies to deal with these challenges.

Accumulating evidence suggests that exposures to elevated levels of either endogenous estrogen or environmental estrogenic chemicals are associated with breast cancer development and progression. These natural or synthetic estrogens are known to produce reactive oxygen species ROS and increased ROS has been implicated in both cellular apoptosis and carcinogenesis. Though there are several studies on direct involvement of ROS in cellular apoptosis using short-term exposure model, there is no experimental evidence to directly implicate chronic exposure to ROS in increased growth and tumorigenicity of breast cancer cells. Therefore, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of chronic oxidative stress on growth, survival and tumorigenic potential of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. The results of cell count, MTT and cell cycle analysis showed that while acute exposure inhibits the growth of MCF-7 cells in a dose-dependent manner, the chronic exposure to H 2 O 2 -induced ROS leads to increased cell growth and survival of MCF-7 cells. This was further confirmed by gene expression analysis of cell cycle and cell survival related genes. Significant increase in number of soft agar colonies, up-regulation of pro-metastatic genes VEGF, WNT1 and CD44 , whereas down-regulation of anti-metastatic gene E-Cadherin in H 2 O 2 treated MCF-7 cells observed in this study further suggests that persistent exposure to oxidative stress increases tumorigenic and metastatic potential of MCF-7 cells.

Oxidative stress in breast cancer

Correspondence Address: Dr. E-mail: cdemonacos manchester. Demonacos joined the University of Manchester, Manchester Pharmacy School in where he is involved in the investigation of the role of ROS in cellular energy metabolism and breast carcinogenesis. In addition, Dr. Demonacos' laboratory explores the signaling events that facilitate cancer cells to evade immunosurveillance.

Metrics details. Women diagnosed with breast cancer frequently attribute their cancer to psychological stress, but scientific evidence is inconclusive. We investigated whether experienced frequency of stress and adverse life events affect subsequent breast cancer risk. Breast cancer incidence was analysed with respect to stress variables collected at enrolment in a prospective cohort study of , women in the United Kingdom, with incident breast cancer cases. Relative risks RR were obtained as hazard ratios using Cox proportional hazards models. There was no association of breast cancer risk overall with experienced frequency of stress.

Psychophysiological stress response of newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients with and without risk of metabolic syndrome. Little is known about how metabolic comorbidity affects stress response during breast cancer BRCa after a recent diagnosis. To evaluate the physiological and psychological differences between the BRCa-RSxM groups and those with BRCa alone, and the influence of psychological variables and comorbidity in terms of stress response. Comparative non-experimental causal-descriptive study. Frontal muscle activity and skin conductance were recorded in response to stressful conditions.

Challenges, Coping Strategies, and Social Support among Breast Cancer Patients in Ghana

Stress is an inevitable part of life. Recent studies have shown that chronic stress can induce tumorigenesis and promote cancer development. This review describes the latest progress of research on the molecular mechanisms by which chronic stress promotes cancer development.

The present study was undertaken to evaluate the place of oxidative stress on breast cancer. Lipid peroxidation as evidenced by malondialdehyde MDA and the status of the antioxidants superoxide dismutase SOD , catalase CAT , and glutathione peroxidase GPx were estimated in tissues of 10 fibroadenoma and 40 breast cancer patients. The results of our study have shown higher oxygen-free-radical production and decreased CAT activity support the oxidative stress hypothesis in breast carcinogenesis.

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Stress, coping and health-related quality of life in breast cancer women.

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