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iso 9001 identification and traceability procedure pdf

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The ISO Identification Traceability Procedure outlines the content and format requirements for identification and caution labels attached to products in conformance with ISO This procedure applies to all products manufactured, distributed, or sold by your company.

QP1150 Identification & Traceability

This guidance has been superseded by ISO Clause 8. If you want to see a comparison matrix that correlates the requirements of ISO to the revised requirements of ISO , please click here to begin comparing. Our range of ISO quality manuals and integrated manual templates cover the requirements of ISO and ISO , and offer an easy way to implement and document your organization's quality management system or integrated management system. There are several ways of identifying products. The most obvious is using tags or stickers with part numbers, bar codes, job numbers, etc. The identification may be engraved in the product itself, or the product may simply be marked by a colour. Establish and implement a procedure to identify the product through the design, development, manufacture and delivery stages:.

One of the methods used to control production of products or services is identification and traceability. ISO Subclause 8. If you are required to have traceability then you must keep records that verify these outputs have been identified and their status. If you are unable to identify a part or its status during production without a route sheet, then having a route sheet is required for your organization. In the same way, if your customer requires lot tracking, then you need to have a lot control process and records for lot traceability.

Clause 8. Let's start with identification since you would find it tricky to trace anything that isn't easily identifiable right? The standard says that you need to use a suitable means for identifying the outputs to ensure conformity of the products and services we have talked previously about what a conforming product would be. Like many things in the standard it doesn't prescribe how you identify things it leaves that up to you, it just says you must. So it could be part numbers, barcodes, I once worked with a client who gave every product a name they still used part numbers for the component parts, however. A document traveller is also perfectly acceptable, it's up to you how you manage it.

Identification and Traceability

ISO checklist. Help Contact Us. This requirement is often the most misunderstood, notice that this clause starts with the words "where appropriate", it is up to the organization to decide how far this needs to be taken, but you are generally required to:. Where appropriate, the identification system should allow for traceability from the finished product back to incoming material records and customer specifications. Products must be suitably identified by a part number or job number corresponding to applicable drawings, specifications and other technical documents related to the product. Some organizations do not need to undertake identification and traceability activities if they do not use store or control physical products; if this is the case, you are free to exclude this requirement from your quality management system - so long as the excluded requirement does not:.

The organization shall plan and carry out production and service provision under controlled conditions. Controlled conditions shall include, as applicable, a the availability of information that describes the characteristics of the product, b the availability of work instructions, as necessary, c the use of suitable equipment, d the availability and use of monitoring and measuring equipment, e the implementation of monitoring and measurement, and f the implementation of product release, delivery and post-delivery activities. This clause provides a list of control requirements that you may use, if applicable to your business. Identify and control all production process. Show the interaction of these processes with other processes. Use your product, project or contract quality plan to control production and service activities. Schedule your production taking into consideration customer delivery requirements, production capacity and capability, material availability and usage, personnel availability and usage; storage; etc.

QMS – Procedure. Rev.: A Subject: Product Identification and Traceability ISO Quality Management System - Requirements. ATS. Document(s).

Identification Traceability Procedure ISO 9001 2015 | QP1150

Manufacturing Processing is responsible for maintaining parts, components, materials, and finished product identification through final processing and packaging. Manufacturing and Quality are responsible for maintenance of identification and traceability records, where required. Definitions: Finished product — Product that will undergo no further processing or transformation within Harrington Signal Inc.

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Identification and Traceability

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7.5.3 Identification and traceability

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