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Estimates of species loss are, without a doubt, staggering. Others have estimated that as many as , species are lost each year. But, extinctions—even mass extinction events—are not new.

Causes, Effects and Solutions for Biodiversity Loss

Estimates of species loss are, without a doubt, staggering. Others have estimated that as many as , species are lost each year. But, extinctions—even mass extinction events—are not new. Though the current trend is caused, undeniably, by human action—through poaching, habitat destruction, pollution, and anthropogenic climate change, among others—mass reductions in biodiversity can and have occurred without human interference. The question then, is what does humanity lose when global biodiversity is significantly reduced?

Simply: a lot. Here are six significant human problems caused by reduced biodiversity. Topping the list, of course, is the monetary value of biodiversity around the world.

In terms of ecosystem services—functions like pollination, irrigation, soil reclamation, and other things that would have to be paid for if nature couldn't take care of it on its own—the value of global biodiversity has been estimated in the trillions. Reductions in biodiversity do not only occur during deforestation or through poaching.

The introduction of new species is another culprit. In much of the world, this is happening on farms, too, where foreign breeds of cattle are being imported, pushing out natives. This means that the world's livestock population is becoming increasingly narrow and more vulnerable to disease, drought, and changes in climate, leading to an overall reduction in food security.

The loss of biodiversity has two significant impacts on human health and the spread of disease. First, it increases the number of disease-carrying animals in local populations. At the same time, habitat fragmentation brings humans in closer and more frequent contact with these disease-carrying species.

If forecasting the weather seems simply a matter of deciding to bring an umbrella or not, ask any farmer or coastal homeowner how they feel. Indeed, unseasonable weather, extreme weather, and weather that does not perform to historical norms is a huge problem that can lead to drought, destruction, and displacement. The loss of species—even those replaced by invasives—has been shown to cause more unpredictable weather. From fishermen to farmers, biodiversity—not to mention healthy ecosystems—is essential to maintaining livelihoods.

When ocean ecosystems collapse, for example, entire communities built on the bounty they provide fold as well. Whether the cause is pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification, or a combination of these and more, humans are tied to the downfall of the ecosystems that surround them.

Beyond the utility of nature, of course, is the value of Nature to humanity. While an understanding of the science of the natural world does not diminish its grandeur, the physical deflation of it certainly does.

When people finally look up from their desks and out their windows, will they be surprised by what remains? Frezina, N. Ceballos, Gerardo, et al. Berry, Pam, et al. Biology Basel , vol. Keesing, Felicia, et al. Nature, vol. Patil, Rajan R. Faust, Christina L. Seebens H. By David DeFranza. Updated October 06, Fact checked by. Betsy Petrick. Fact Checker. Betsy Petrick is an experienced researcher, writer, and producer.

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Biodiversity loss

Biodiversity change is caused by a range of drivers. A driver is any natural or human-induced factor that directly or indirectly causes a change in an ecosystem. A direct driver unequivocally influences ecosystem processes. An indirect driver operates more diffusely, by altering one or more direct drivers. Important direct drivers affecting biodiversity are habitat change , climate change , invasive species , overexploitation, and pollution CF4 , C3, C4. No single measure or indicator represents the totality of the various drivers. Some direct drivers of change have relatively straightforward indicators, such as fertilizer usage, water consumption, irrigation, and harvests.

Biodiversity can be defined as the variability and variety of life on our planet. This includes the variety in ecosystems, species and genetics. The level of Biodiversity usually increases with the temperature, meaning that it is higher in warm climate zones near the equator. With greater Biodiversity, the variety of plants increases. This leads to more opportunities, especially for farmers, since they are able to plant a greater variety of crops and thus use their land more effectively. Our ecosystems depend on complex processes.

PDF | Important biological causes of the loss of biological diversity include the of view the relation between population pressure and the impact on biodiversity.

6 Problems Caused by Shrinking Biodiversity

News, analysis, experiments, videos, games, and educational paths on the issues of energy and the environment for complete and topical information. The threats to biodiversity can be summarized in the following main points: Alteration and loss of the habitats : the transformation of the natural areas determines not only the loss of the vegetable species, but also a decrease in the animal species associated to them. Overexploitation of resources : when the activities connected with capturing and harvesting hunting, fishing, farming a renewable natural resource in a particular area is excessively intense, the resource itself may become exhausted, as for example, is the case of sardines, herrings, cod, tuna and many other species that man captures without leaving enough time for the organisms to reproduce. To inform younger students about Energy and Environment, Science, Chemistry, English culture and English language, with accompanying images, interviews and videos.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This article introduces the new Biodiversity Research Centre at UBC and reviews the nature and importance of biodiversity research in a changing world with rapidly expanding human population. Results from the Kluane Forest Boreal Forest Ecosystem Project have shown that nutrient availability is the main determinant of vegetation abundance rather than herbivory. However, with increasing nutrients and vegetation abundance there was a correlated loss of species diversity.

The planet's biodiversity is under threat and the main culprit is the one who, paradoxically, depend on it most: human being. Below, we review the causes, consequences and possible solutions. Slowing down biodiversity loss, understood as the reduction or disappearance of the variety of living beings that inhabit the planet, is one of humanity's great challenges. Biodiversity loss impacts negatively on species, ecosystems and humans themselves. As a planet, we are failing to meet all the targets set for slowing down biodiversity destruction by

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation 2. Over-exploitation for Commercialization 3.

4.1 What is a "driver" and how does it affect biodiversity?

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8 Major Causes of Biodiversity – Explained!


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    Biodiversity loss includes the extinction of species plant or animal worldwide, as well as the local reduction or loss of species in a certain habitat , resulting in a loss of biological diversity.