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Plenty of Microsoft Word commands have gathered a bit of dust over the years, but that doesn't mean they aren't useful for those who remember them.

When it comes to word processing, Microsoft Word is the gold standard. As part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, more than one billion computer users rely on the program every day. Even though so many consumers use Microsoft Word, not everyone knows how to maximize the capabilities of the program. Word is packed with a multitude of features that can help make the creation of documents, reports, and text files easier.

10 Tips and Tricks to Become a Master of Microsoft Word

Free tips and tricks for using Microsoft Office and Windows. Whether you need to create a report, write a letter, update your resume, create a cover page or add a cross reference, Microsoft Word is ready and waiting. Learn how to take your Word document from plain to exceptional. Microsoft Word. Check out these tips and tricks to master Microsoft Word.

Find out the tips and tricks you need to know so that you can use Word like a pro! How to add a header and footer to a Word document If you are working with a document in Word then you are most likely going to want to add a header and footer section. The header and footer section allows us to add information to the top and bottom of Read More.

There are many websites which also offer this functionality but in most How to change spacing between items in a list in Word I use bullet and numbered lists a lot. They help me to summarise information and make my text stand out. I like to have my list items spaced apart a little, I don't want them all squashed together. Let me The process of combining a list of contacts with a letter which you can then merge together and print.

Did you know that you can also use Save time! Pin a file to the Open list in Microsoft Office At the start of every training course, I show participants through a few really useful features of the Microsoft Office programs. These features save you time during a busy workday. One such feature is AutoCorrect, another is the ability to Quick Parts — the quickest way to insert reusable information in Word Today I saw a question on an online forum where a user needed to insert the same name and address quite frequently into a Word document.

The user had asked if a drop-down menu in Word would provide a quicker What is the best way to add Excel data into a Word document? Like many things related to Microsoft Office, there are several different ways to achieve this You'll be happy to know that this is a simple fix. Compatibility mode identifies to the user that a document is not using the most recent file format.

Let's take How to disable the Start Screen at startup in Office programs In recent versions of the Microsoft Office programs, users now see a Start screen appear when any of the programs are launched. This Start Screen gives you quick access to various functions such as any recent files you have opened Unfortunately, this issue occurs and is Compress file sizes of graphics or photos in Word Quite often when working with long documents using Microsoft Word, you need to be mindful of file sizes.

If you are utilising multiple graphics or photos within your document then this will have an effect on the end file size How to open any Microsoft Office product For those starting out using Microsoft Office and even for those familiar with the programs, our computers can sometimes be a treasure trove full of so many programs that it's impossible to find the one we want.

Being able to How to copy formatting using Format Painter Whenever I conduct a training course in any of the Microsoft products, I always touch on the Clipboard group of tools. These include the Cut, Copy and Paste functions and almost all users have some type of experience using these Create a cross-reference in Word When working with long documents in Word, you may find yourself searching for an easy way to link content between different pages. Customise numbered list alignment in Word I recently saw an issue arise on a discussion forum where a user submitted a question related to the alignment of a numbered list.

The solution was a simple one but as the author commented, how would anyone not familiar How to create a screenshot using Office or Windows For years I have been creating screenshots for various reasons; for use in training courseware; to illustrate to a remote user a button I want them to press; to relay information about a technical problem or error, and the list Create a Table of Contents in Word In many aspects of our daily life, we encounter and use a table of contents.

Whether it is opening a magazine or reading the newspaper, you will see this feature within many types of reading materials. Microsoft Word has provided How to create a cover page in Microsoft Word How many countless hours have you spent creating a cover page using Microsoft Word?

When I started working I used to spend a good deal of time creating the perfect heading, adjusting its alignment and location on the page. The Office Clipboard — a hidden treasure A common feature used within all of the Microsoft Office applications is the cut, copy and paste feature.

I personally use this A LOT. The ability to cut, copy and paste within any of the applications and also between different The best keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word Today I am going to show you the best keyboard shortcuts for use in Microsoft Word. If there is an option to do something faster in any of the Microsoft Working with a document is not only about entering the content you wish to convey, but also about making that content easy to read and Customise the Quick Access Toolbar At the start of almost every Microsoft course I teach, I discuss the options you have to customise any of the Microsoft Office products.

Prior to Microsoft Office version the ability Create perfect shapes in Word Microsoft Word includes useful shapes which allow you to use your imagination and create your own graphical charts or diagrams. The shapes available include lines, banners, callouts, various types of rectangles and much more.

You are then able to apply How to resize an image correctly in Word There are several methods to resize an image within Microsoft Word, however, we will use the resize handles to make changes to an image in your document.

One mistake which is often made when working with graphics is: when resizing How to use AutoCorrect in Microsoft Office Microsoft Office provides features which help to reduce typing errors whilst you work.

AutoCorrect is one of those features and is set up by default to correct common spelling and punctuation errors. Errors including irregular capitalisation, or commonly misspelt words

Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks

Publisher : MakeUseOf. Description : This manual, by author Matt Smith, points out all the best new features of Microsoft's latest office suite, and explains them all in one handy guide. In most programs, it's not hard to find every single feature, but Office is so expansive that even veteran users will often find that they aren't expert in even half of the capabilities the software offers. Home page url. Download or read it online for free here: Download link 2.

Tips & Tricks Microsoft® Office is a complete set of desktop programs, server software, and services that can attachment, a link, a PDF or XPS, or fax. 2.

10 Essential Microsoft Word 2010 Tips for Advanced Users

As you are using a table, whenever you create a new entry in the table, Excel will automatically drop down the formula and you will get the serial number. You can also use the below VBA code. But I have found that there is a far better way for this. This gives you add or remove selection mode in which you can select cells just by selecting them.

Learn to get the most out of the latest version of Microsoft Office with our latest free guide for Office It includes many improvements over Office As with all Office releases, however, these improvements are far from obvious to the average user. Enter Office Ultimate Tips and Tricks. There are few names in PC software more iconic than Microsoft Office.

Publisher : MakeUseOf. Description : This manual, by author Matt Smith, points out all the best new features of Microsoft's latest office suite, and explains them all in one handy guide. In most programs, it's not hard to find every single feature, but Office is so expansive that even veteran users will often find that they aren't expert in even half of the capabilities the software offers.

Views 12 Downloads 1 File size 13MB. Photoshop Tips and Tricks How you make a tattoo on somebodies skin?

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Microsoft Office 2010: Ultimate Tips and Tricks


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Microsoft Word

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