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mri techniques and protocols pdf

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MR Protocols

Despite its nonionizing technique and exquisite soft tissue characterization, noncardiovascular, and nonmusculoskeletal magnetic resonance imaging MRI of the chest has been considered impractical due to various challenges such as respiratory motion, cardiac motion, vascular pulsatility, air susceptibility, and paucity of signal in the lung. With advances in MRI, it is now possible to perform diagnostically useful and good quality MRIs of the chest, but literature on subspecialized chest MRI practices is limited. The purpose of this manuscript is to describe the rationale, nuances, and logistics that went into developing such a practice in the Division of Thoracic Radiology at our institution. The topics addressed include technical and clinical considerations, support at administrative and clinical levels, protocol development, and economic considerations compared with conventional practices. Although chest MRI is used in a relatively small number of patients at this point, in certain patients, chest MRI can provide additional information to optimize medical management. A few clinical cases illustrate the quality and clinical utility of chest MRI.

Establishing a Chest MRI Practice and its Clinical Applications: Our Insight and Protocols

Breast protocols for 1. Courtesy of the late Prof. Werner Kaiser. The information presented in MAGNETOM Flash is for illustration only and is not intended to be relied upon by the reader for instruction as to the practice of medicine. Any health care practitioner reading this information is reminded that they must use their own learning, training and expertise in dealing with their individual patients. This material does not substitute for that duty and is not intended by Siemens Medical Solutions to be used for any purpose in that regard.

MRI Handbook

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. The first five chapters of the book introduce the reader to the basics of MR imaging, including the relaxation concept, MR pulse sequences, and MR imaging parameters and options. Individual chapters are devoted to each major anatomic region, including the central nervous, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular systems.

MRI Protocols


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