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disney trivia questions and answers pdf

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Bambi - Thumper is known and named for his mannerism of thumping his left hind foot. Blue - Sully is a character in the film Monsters Inc.

Disney has been around for almost a century now and its characters are etched in our hearts. People from every generation have grown up watching Disney shows and movies.

Do you fancy yourself a Disney movie trivia questions buff? Take our quiz and find out how much you really know about your favorite Disney characters. Close your eyes and let us take you back to the castle where Cinderella met her prince, to the tower room in which Aurora slept, and the classic ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast and answer a few questions for us. Are you ready to test yourself with these classic Disney trivia questions?

Children's Disney Trivia Quiz

A: They are characters from Disney's animated cartoon The Incredibles. A: Anton Ego. A: Pinocchio. An owl named Archimedes is featured in which Disney film? A: The Sword in the Stone. In Disney's Fun and Fancy free, what does Bongo the bear ride? A: A unicycle.

30 Disney quiz questions and answers for all the family

Kids and grown-ups will love our magical Disney trivia questions answers included. Fun for the whole family both big and little kids this quiz will test you on everything from Disney characters to songs and sidekicks. If you enjoy this head to our dedicated quiz page for even more questions on everything from food to flags! Animal quiz questions and answers. By Abigail Rabbett.

Disney Channel Trivia Trivia Questions & Answers:

By Helen Wright. How about Disney World trivia? Do you think you could answer Disney trivia questions in the happiest quiz on earth? We have put together of the ultimate Disney quiz questions and answers, so you can put your knowledge of Disney trivia to the test.

Disney characters are amusing and entertaining. Their colorful appearance, bold features, and peculiar voices create a magical world that is pleasantly awe-inspiring and surreal. Perhaps it is the reason why Disney-themed parties and merchandising have been in trend.

Disney Quiz questions and answers: 100 Disney Trivia Questions

45 Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers (2020 Update)

These Disney trivia questions are bound to make you nostalgic for the movies of your childhood. Be sure to print these questions off for game night and put your Disney smarts to the test! Spanning from the original Disney movies to recent Disney hits, these questions stretch across many years and are perfect for playing with the whole family. Good luck! Download our Disney trivia questions and answers printable PDF. Instant download. No email required.

Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free! Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Disney Channel Trivia Quizzes There are questions on this topic.

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