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73rd and 74th amendment of indian constitution pdf

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73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act

These acts came into force on April 24, and June 1, respectively. Late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi introduced the 64th constitutional Bill in the parliament in the year This bill was rejected in the Rajya Sabha as it was non-convincing. The main criticism levelled against the bill was that it offered the state little discretion in the design of local government reforms. After that the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi lost the general election too. In the year P.

Consider the following statements: 1. A Panchayat elected in the place of a dissolved one, does not enjoy the full period but remains in office for the remaining period after the dissolution. Courts have no jurisdiction to examine the validity of a law relating to delimitation of constituencies or allotment of seats in respect of Panchayats. An election to a Panchayat can be called in question only by an election petition, which should be presented to such authority and in such manner as may be prescribed by the State Election Commission. Not less than one-third of the total number of seats reserved for the SCs and STs in every Panchayat are reserved for women belonging to the Scheduled Castes, or as the case may be, the Scheduled Tribes. Not less than one-third of the total number of offices of chairpersons in Panchayats at each level are reserved for women. Which of the statements given above are correct?

Local government in India refers to governmental jurisdictions below the level of the state. India is a federal republic with three spheres of government: central, state and local. The 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments give recognition and protection to local governments and in addition each state has its own local government legislation. Urban localities, covered in the 74th amendment to the Constitution, [2] have Nagar Palika but derive their powers from the individual state governments, while the powers of rural localities have been formalized under the panchayati raj system, under the 73rd amendment to the Constitution. Following the local election, The panchayati raj system is a three-tier system with elected bodies at the village, taluk and district levels. Although, as of , implementation in all of India is not complete,the intention is for there to be a gram panchayat for each village or group of villages, a tehsil level council, and a zilla panchayat at the district level.

రాజ్యాంగ సవరణలు 73,74 PDF బుక్ | 73, 74 Amendment Indian polity free PDF

The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts, , which gave Constitutional status to panchayati raj institutions PRIs and urban local bodies ULBs respectively, in both letter and spirit in order to bring about greater decentralisation and increase the involvement of the community in planning and implementing schemes and, thus, increase accountability. The Amendments left important matters such as implementation, service delivery including local capacity building and transfer of responsibilities and powers to rural local bodies at the discretion of the state legislatures. Consequently, while expenditure responsibilities of local bodies are extensively enhanced, there is no law to ensure a corresponding assignment of funds to match the additional responsibilities. Basic units of democratic system-Gram Sabhas villages and Ward Committees Municipalities comprising all the adult members registered as voters. One-third of the total number of seats to be reserved for women.

Article 40 of the Indian constitution directs the government to establish panchayats to serve as institutions of local self-government. Most states implemented this directive principle along the lines of the recommendations of the Balwantarai Mehta Commission Report. Block block is the larger sub unit of a district council or panchayat saphithi at the Block level, and the district council or the Zilla Parishad at the district level. Introduction of PRIs was hailed as one of the most important political initiatives in India. The panchayat raj system has been experiencing ups and downs over the years. The activities of these institutions are broad based but its resource base is very weak. In view of this, the PRIs constituted in various states could not live up to the expectations of the people.

74th Amendments to the Constitution of India constitute a new chapter in the in conformity with the provisions of the 73rd Amendment Act. There are some.

73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act

How does it hinder the accomplishment of economic democracy? The question is with respect to local self-government — The 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments that provided for devolution of power to Panchayats and Municipalities and the lacunae posed by it. The answer must analyse why the local self-government systems in India have remained an unfinished agenda and thus failing the goal of economic democracy.

This Act prescribes institutional changes as well, with the setting up of Ward Committees, District Planning Committees and Metropolitan Planning Committees to coordinate planning across jurisdictions, as well as the setting up of State Election Commissions and State Financial Commissions. Effectively, this act gives ULBs a role much larger than just that of service providers that provide water, waste management, electricity, and so on. This article about the law of India is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

The revitalization of Panchayati Raj manifested through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment owes its origin to the dynamic leadership of Rajiv Gandhi. With events moving at a faster pace, Panchayati Raj emerged as a major institutional channel of such administration. In addition, the act has also added a new Twelfth Schedule to the Constitution. It contains eighteen functional items of municipalities. The act gave constitutional status to the municipalities.

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Seventy-fourth Amendment of the Constitution of India

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