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Learn how to size a filter through measurement of cake specific resistance on a laboratory filtration cells. Cake filtration is adapted to filtration of solid—liquid suspension containing more than 0. The particles accumulating on the surface of a cloth or sheet, form a porous layer or "cake" which becomes the main filtering medium this is assumed to be a non-compressible cake.

Filtration is the removal of solid particles from a fluid by passing the fluid through a filtering medium on which the solids are deposited. Industrial filtrations range from simple straining to highly complex separations. The fluid maybe a liquid or a gas, the valuable stream from the filter may be the fluid or the solids or both. In industrial filtration the solids content of the feed ranges from a trace to a very high percentage.

Filter press

Filtration is the removal of solid particles from a fluid by passing the fluid through a filtering medium on which the solids are deposited. Industrial filtrations range from simple straining to highly complex separations. The fluid maybe a liquid or a gas, the valuable stream from the filter may be the fluid or the solids or both.

In industrial filtration the solids content of the feed ranges from a trace to a very high percentage. Fluid flows through a filter medium by a virtue of a pressure differential across the medium.

Filters are also classified, therefore into those that operate with pressure above the atmospheric level on the upstream side of the filter medium and those that operate with atmospheric pressure on the upstream side and a vacuum on the downstream side. Pressures above the atmospheric level may be developed by a pump or blower. Many industrial filters are pressure filters, vacuum filters or centrifugal separators. Filters are divided into 3 types: cake filters, clarifying filters and cross flow filters.

Cake filters separate relatively large amounts of solids as a cake of crystal or sludge. Filter presses are pressure filters designed to de-water chemically conditioned sludge on a batch basis using mechanically applied pressure to achieve high solid content sludge cakes. The filter consists of a series of parallel plates, each dressed with a filter cloth and rigidly held together in a structure frame. The filter plates are placed between the stationary and moving platens.

In operation, the hydraulic closing device compresses the plate pack. The recessed chamber between the individual plates forms the cake space in which the suspended solids are then retained. The slurry to be filtered is fed by slurry pump which pressure subjected to the allowable pressure needed for filtration. During the filtration cycle, the filtrate passes through the filter cloth and drains along a grooved rib of the plates while the solid is retained within the cake chamber.

Once the filtration pressure is reached and the filtrate discharge is reduced, the compressed air is introduced to inflate the membrane to speed up the filtration process. Once the filtrate is reduced to droplets the compressed air is released, releasing the hydraulic pump then opens up the press and shifting the filter plates either manually or mechanically discharges the cake. In industrial filtration a common filter medium is canvas cloth. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polypropylene and various polyesters are also highly resistant chemically.

Filter aids are used in the filtration of very fine solids or slimy to increase the porosity of the cake to permit the passage of the liquor at a reasonable rate. Filter aids are diatomaceous silica, perlite or other inert porous solids. The filter aids are percoated on the filter medium. Precoats prevent gelatinous solids from plugging the filter medium as well as giving a clearer filtrate. Dissolve 3. Procedures: 1. Open the air regulator outlet valve 2.

Check the pressure gauge setting 3. Release the hydraulic pump air valve and operation valve knob anticlockwise to release the hydraulic pressure. Pack the filter press by pushing it towards the stationary platen. At the same time dress up the filter cloths with creases.

Move the moving platen towards the filter plate pack. Lower down the trust bar and alignment it inline with the hydraulic piston. Move the hydraulic piston towards the trust bar by pumping the hydraulic pump using the lever.

Check the filter pack alignment and the cloths to ensure no crease is formed. In order to have a proper good sealed compression. Pull the PVC drip tray towards the stationary platen at the bottom of the filter pack. To contain any dripping during filtration process if occur.

Start pumping the hydraulic ram until it reach to the require working pressure. Then lock it by turning the operation valve knob clockwise. Check to ensure that the slurry tanks had enough slurry before operating the pump, never run the pump in a dry condition even for a few revolutions or the stator will be damaged.

This indicates that the process of feeding the slurry into the filter press has started. When feeding of the slurry into the filter press had reached the preset timing or pressure by the consolidation timer and feeding pressure gauge. Which ever come first the pump will be stopped and RUN light will be off.

Caution: Do not release the hydraulic pump pressure before operating the squeeze process. Also, ensure that the feed process is completed. Do not inflate the rubber membrane when there is no solids in the filter pack.

These processes will squeeze the water out of the filtrate or cake. Upon completion, close the air regulator inlet valve and open the outlet valve slowly to deflate the rubber membrane slowly. Do not release the hydraulic pump pressure until the compress air outlet valve is fully opened.

Shift the drip tray away from the bottom of the filter pack. Release the hydraulic pump pressure by turning the operation valve knob anticlockwise. The hydraulic piston will retract back to the body. Swing the trust bar back to the stopper and hold. Push the moving platen back towards the hydraulic piston. Move the end filter plate i. Let the solid cakes drop onto a receptable at the bottom of the filter press. Subsequently unpack the rest of the filter plate one by one. Clean the residue from the filter cloth by mean of a plastic scrapper.

Do not use any sharp object to clean the filter cloth; it can damage the filter cloth. Ensure that all the sealing edges are clear of residues especially the bottom area. It is to prevent any improper sealing during the next filtration compression process.

Upon completion, for the next filtration process subsequently repeat the operating process. Record all the data in the data sheet.

The mass of solid per unit volume of filtrate is also noted. Filtrate Volume, V L Time, t s 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 The questions below only serve as a guideline. Your discussion should not only limited to these questions. The slope of each line is in seconds per litre and from the intercept 2 qo of the line. Explain briefly how filter medium resistance can affect the pressure in filtration process.

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Filter press

An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes , specifically to separate solids and liquids. The machine stacks many filter elements and allows the filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered solids, and allows easy cleaning or replacement of the filter media. Filter presses cannot be operated in a continuous process but can offer very high performance, particularly when low residual liquid in the solid is desired. Among other uses, filter presses are utilised in marble factories in order to separate water from mud in order to reuse the water during the marble cutting process. Generally, the slurry that will be separated is injected into the centre of the press and each chamber of the press is filled. As the chambers fill, pressure inside the system will increase due to the formation of thick sludge.

PDF | Objectives and Learning outcomes 1. Understand the operation of a plate-​and-frame filter-press 2. Assess cake filtration laws at constant flow | Find, read​.

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These filters have the advantage of low cost, great strength and ease of internal inspection. Plate and frame filters are made in every conceivable combination of inlet and outlet positions. Bottom inlet and top outlet positions are considered best for precoating and filter aid suspension. In larger sizes it is preferable that these are at opposite ends of the filter. All air should be purged from the filter before precoating is completed.

Company ProfileOur company: We are specialized in design, manufacture and sales of various filtration equipment, as well as comprehensive filtration solutions and projects. Our factories cover , square meters with advanced production line and precise testing equipment. Multi-layer Filter,

View an introduction to our company in this 2-minute video. Many businesses use a plate and frame filter press to dewater sludge as part of their in-house wastewater treatment operations.


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Plate and Frame Filter Press

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    Filtration is the removal of solid particles from a fluid by passing the fluid through a filtering medium on which the solids are deposited.