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iterative server and concurrent server pdf

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Working program examples if any compiled using gcc , tested using the public IPs, run on Linux Fedora 3 with several times update, as normal user. All the program example is generic. Beware codes that expand more than one line.

Concurrent vs. iterative servers

Tech Question Paper : www. Marks : 80 Answer any five questions : All questions carry equal marks : 1. Explain the following with suitable examples a Value —Result Arguments and Byte ordering functions b Byte Manipulation functions c Address conversion functions. Write briefly about getsockopt and setsockopt functions. Explain with a suitable diagram the socket system calls used for connection oriented and connection less communication between a client and a server. List the differences between Poll and Select functions.

Network Programming Notes | PDF, Syllabus | B Tech 2021

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Our simple example is an echo server that performs the following steps:. Despite two arrows between the client and server in the above figure, it is really a full-duplex TCP connection. To expand this example into your own application, all you need to do is change what the server does with the input it receives from its clients. In all these examples, we have "hard-coded" protocol-specific constants such as addresses and ports. There are two reasons for this:. Our TCP client and server follow the flow of functions that we diagrammed in Figure 4.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. IPv4 and IPv6 client-server designs: The sockets performance Abstract: Client-Server has several design alternatives, mainly iterative server and concurrent server. Inefficiency in the use of time and process control can be resulted from choosing a server design improperly. A server has more process control than clients as a server has to respond to multi-query and multi-processing in the same time from different client platforms such as IPv4 or IPv6.

Network Programming Notes | PDF, Syllabus | B Tech 2021

In brief, an iterative server handles clients one at a time, in series, while a concurrent server handles many clients at the same time, in parallel. When a server invokes the accept method of a ServerSocket object, the server thread blocks until a client connects to the server. The server must handle the client's request then go back to listening for further client connections. In an iterative server, the main server method handles each client request in its entirety before moving on to accept the next request. Iterative servers are good when the requests take a known, short period of time.

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Iterative server

We provide complete network programming pdf. Network Programming study material includes network programming notes, network programming book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in network programming pdf form. Network Programming Notes can be downloaded in network programming pdf from the below article. A detailed network programming syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in network programming pdf form. Network Programming involves writing programs that communicate with other programs across a computer network.

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Concurrent vs. iterative servers

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