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Given the global sustainability agenda, much of the demand for these two sets of materials can be substantially reduced through the appropriate use of waste materials, thereby conserving natural resources, energy and CO2 emissions. Realistically, this change can only be realized and sustained through engineering ingenuity and new concepts in design. Although a great deal of research has been published over the last 50 years, it remains fragmented and ineffective. This book develops a single global knowledge-base, encouraging greater use of selected waste streams. The focus of massive systematic reviews is to encourage the uptake of recycled secondary materials RSM by the construction industry and guide researchers to recognize what is already known regarding waste.

Sustainable Construction Materials

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Conference proceedings. Front Matter Pages i-xv. Pages Raje Gowda, H. Narendra, R. Mourougane, B. Shriram Marathe, I.

Mithanthaya, Sahithya Shetty. Suman Saha, C. Rajasekaran, Ajinkya P. Rampradheep, S. Anandakumar, M. Mounashree, H. Hema, S. Karthikeyan, M. Balaji, Adarsh R. Pai, A. Muthu Krishnan. Roshan, K. Shivaprasad, Bibhuti Bhusan Das. Analytical Study on Disintegration of Concrete. Arun, P. Nagaraja, J. Suneel, K. Jagadeep, K.

MahaLakshmi, G. Praveen Babu, G. Spoorthi, K. Vijetha, P. Vivek, M. Pradeep, Prasad Pujar. Sinai Michel, K. Nimmymol, Jiya Zacharia, Nazrin Nazeer. Abbas Ali Dhundasi, R.

Sugandhini, Shashwath M. Study on Development of Strength Properties of Bio-concrete. Shashank, Basavarj Dhannur, H.

Ravishankar, P. Sukomal Mandal, M. Shilpa, Ramachandra Rajeshwari. Rama Murthy, Gajanan Kapure. Kudva P. Laxman, Rudresh M. Panditharadhya, Raviraj H. Mulangi, A. Ravi Shankar, Susheel Kumar. Parameshwar N. Hiremath, K. Jayakesh, Roshan Rai, N. Sujay Raghavendra, Subhash C. About these proceedings Introduction This book presents select proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Building Materials ICSCBM , and examines a range of durable, energy-efficient, and next-generation construction and building materials produced from industrial wastes and byproducts.

The topics covered include alternative, eco-friendly construction and building materials, next-generation concretes, energy efficiency in construction, and sustainability in construction project management. The book also discusses various properties and performance attributes of modern-age concretes including their durability, workability, and carbon footprint. As such, it offers a valuable reference for beginners, researchers, and professionals interested in sustainable construction and allied fields.

Editors and affiliations. About the editors Dr. He has worked as a postdoctoral research associate and adjunct faculty member at the Department of Civil Engineering at Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, Michigan.

His research focuses on the sustainability of construction and building materials, which include the microstructure characterization of materials, non-destructive testing of concrete structures, corrosion of reinforcement and durability studies on concrete, and sustainability in construction project management. He also serves on the editorial board or as a reviewer for a number of national and international journals. Narayanan Neithalath obtained his PhD from Purdue University in , specializing in civil engineering materials.

He has published papers in international journals, along with several conference proceedings, and has been a keynote speaker at various conferences.

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Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Pancharathi , Rathish Kumar, S. The book includes contributions from academics and practitioners on low-energy cement technologies, innovative materials and structural technologies towards cost-effective, environment friendly, durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable construction. The topics covered emphasize on cutting-edge, economically viable, and sustainable solutions with an aim to increase profitability, and decrease construction time and overall impact on the built environment. The book will be useful for researchers and practitioners interested in sustainable construction and allied fields. He obtained his Ph.

Please click here for the authors' instructions. The conference will be held on 15—17 July , with a registration and welcome reception on 14 July We are still accepting abstracts. Please visit the conference proceedings page to download or purchase your books. SCMT5 papers will also be submitted.

7 Sustainable Construction Materials

The concept of sustainability aims to satisfy present day needs for housing, working environments, and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs in times to come. In the world of construction, buildings have the capacity to make a major contribution to a more sustainable future for our planet. Sustainable buildings have become vital cornerstones for securing long-term environmental, economic, and social viability.

Commercial concrete production releases tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year, contributing to environmental pollution and climate change. Fortunately, there are more sustainable construction materials that present a greener alternative to concrete in both residential and commercial projects. Straw bale building is a nod to the days when we built our homes from natural and locally-sourced materials.

Nanotechnology for Sustainable Construction [PDF]

Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies

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Advances in Sustainable Construction Materials

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Fifth International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies (SCMT5)

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