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Productivity Measurement

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: To a large extend, the units used to measure program quality and productivity tend to lead the mind along certain channels of thought. An analysis of the commonly used units of measure in programming has revealed deficiencies in some units that lead to incorrect and even to paradoxial conclusions.

Both the improvement of productivity and the effectiveness of performance measures have been topics of extreme interest to managers and researchers in recent years. Considers the ability of productivity measures to adjust for price changes and to detect factor substitutions. The distortion of productivity measures by fixed expenses and the inability of productivity measures to consider quality changes are among the disadvantage cited. Also, criticisms that have been levelled at traditional cost accounting measures are found to apply to productivity measures. Proposes three criteria that can aid in determining when productivity measures are appropriate as performance measures. Makes recommendations for ways of using productivity measures effectively also.

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A few years ago, a major manufacturing-based conglomerate asked a gifted mathematician to join its corporate staff. He devoted many months to the assignment and also tapped the knowledge of […]. Some productivity indexes boast technical elegance and statistical precision—but have little to do with daily management decision making, or even, for that matter, the bottom line. What you need is enough good information to enable you to determine how well your company is taking a pile of raw materials, a bunch of machines, stacks of paperwork, and groups of employees, and turning out useful goods or services. As long as you stay mindful of how the perfect can get in the way of the good, a few basic guidelines can help you design a system that meets your needs. What is productivity anyway?

Productivity refers to the physical relationship between the quantity produced output and the quantity of resources used in the course of production input. Productivity is the ratio between output of wealth and input of resources used in production processes. Output means the quantity of products produced and the inputs are the various resources used in the production. The resources used may be land, building, equipment, machinery, materials, labour etc. Productivity means an economic measure of output per unit of input.

How to Calculate Productivity at All Levels: Employee, Organization, and Software

The productivity paradox , also referred to as the Solow paradox , could refer either to the slowdown in productivity growth in the United States in the s and s despite rapid development in the field of information technology IT over the same period, or to the slowdown in productivity growth in the United States and Developed World from the s to modern day s; sometimes the newer slowdown is referred to as the productivity slowdown , the productivity puzzle , or the productivity paradox 2. The s to s productivity paradox inspired many research efforts at explaining the slowdown, only for the paradox to disappear with renewed productivity growth in the Developed World in the s. However, issues raised by those research efforts remain important in the study of productivity growth in general, and became important again when productivity growth slowed around the world again from the s to the present day. The s to s productivity paradox has been defined as a perceived "discrepancy between measures of investment in information technology and measures of output at the national level.

In line with its organizational mission, since the APO has conducted productivity measurement projects that provide a comparative analysis of the productivity and economic growth of APO member economies. The results of these projects support the Secretariat in planning need-based programs and assist member governments in formulating appropriate economic policies and strategies. These productivity measurement projects are implemented under a research partnership with Keio Economic Observatory of Keio University, Tokyo. The AEPM provides a graphic dashboard view of productivity and economic trends, and the data are presented as both by per-worker labor productivity and per-hour labor productivity, in addition to total factor productivity growth rates.

No-Nonsense Guide to Measuring Productivity

Productivity Measurement

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