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seismic stratigraphy and depositional facies models pdf

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As Nigerian operations expand into more challenging and costly operating environments of deep-frontiers, there is need for critical access to sound stratigraphic, depositional and reservoir facies models.

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seismic stratigraphy book pdf

This study integrated lithofacies, foraminifera and seismic data to develop a sequence stratigraphic approach to hydrocarbon exploration for Chiadu field. The application of lithostratigraphic approach led to correlation of diachronous lithofacies and wrongly defined an approximately accurate extent of the reservoirs. This study necessitated the use of sequence stratigraphic framework for the purpose of establishing chronostratigraphic concept and facies prediction. The genetic sequence model of Galloway was adopted for sequence stratigraphic interpretation of the field. The structural style is dominated by closely spaced simple rollover anticline bounded by growth faults, and this includes down-to-basin listric faults, collapsed crest structures, antithetic and synthetic faults.

The reader is taken from a basic level to more advanced study techniques. Discusses the link between seismic stratigraphic principles and sequence stratigraphy Provides techniques for seis. General Basis: Seismic waves induced through rock using … Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Topics are presented from a practical point of view and are supported by well-illustrated case histories. The Antarctic Ice Sheet has greatly affected global climate, sea level, ocean … Although the concept of time stratigraphy is not new, the packaging of depositional units into systems tracts and sequences is. Seismic stratigraphy represents a coherent method for the analysis of sedimentary basin fills. This book, dedicated to carbonate rocks, approaches sequence stratigraphy from its sedimentologic background.

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Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Models

The evolution of concept development in stratigraphy between and is reviewed by comparing and contrasting the contents of the golden book volume on cyclic stratigraphy Merriam, with the present volume. Although separated by more than 25 years, both volumes treat strikingly similar subject material with an emphasis on cyclic stratigraphy, time stratigraphy, and the genetics of basin fill. The collection of papers found in the earlier volume reflects the culmination of work from the most prominent stratigraphers of the 's through the early 's, a period strongly affected by the principles of sequence stratigraphy. Workers from this generation established many of the fundamental stratigraphic concepts that we view as modem. During the mid's and 's emphasis shifted to research on facies models, and with few exceptions stratigraphic cyclicity, sequence stratigraphy, and the genetics of basin fill processes were scarcely considered. With the advent of seismic stratigraphy, in the late 's, sequence stratigraphy was reborn, and with it a new generation of researchers focusing on the genetics of basin fill. The earlier book and the present volume reflect two distinct episodes of stratigraphic concept development related to two separate episodes in the history of sequence stratigraphy.

The 2e of Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Models summarizes basic seismic interpretation techniques and demonstrates the benefits of integrated reservoir studies for hydrocarbon exploration. Topics are presented from a practical point of view and are supported by well-illustrated case histories. The reader is taken from a basic level to more advanced study techniques. The presented modern geophysical techniques allow more accurate prediction of the changes in subsurface geology. Dynamics of sedimentary environments are discussed their relation to global controling factors, and a link is made to high-resolution sequence stratigraphy.

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Seismic stratigraphy and depositional facies models

This special collection of original research papers from Harold Reading's students covers the wide range of his research interests and reflects the power of facies sedimentology today. It attempts to discern the migration of facies re sulting from changes in a combination of factors such as, sea level, tectonics, climate and sediment flux, and integrates it with a meaningful chronostratigraphy. Author : R. Read Atlas Of Seismic Stratigraphy online, … Sedimentology textbooks tend to take a theoretical approach, building from physical and chemical theory and studies of mod ern environments. This is our underlying faith, that details of seismic waveshapes can tell us the details of the nature of the earth.

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