Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver Project Report Pdf

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laser torch based voice transmitter and receiver project report pdf

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Laser Torch based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Description Using this circuit you can communicate with your neighbors wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in the circuit.

The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about meters. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards the laser beam from the torch. If there is any obstruction in the path of the laser beam, no sound will be heard from the receiver the transmitter circuit.

The gain of the op-amp can be controlled with the help of 1-mega-ohm potmeter VR1. The transmitter uses 9V power supply. However, the 3-volt laser torch after removal of its battery can be directly connected to the circuit with the body of The torch connected to the emitter of BD and the spring-loaded lead protruding from inside the torch to circuit ground.

The receiver circuit uses an npn phototransistor as the light sensor that is followed by a two-stage transistor preamplifier and LMbased audio Power amplifier. Just keep the phototransistor the phototransistor oriented towards the remote transmitter laser point and adjust The volume control for a clear sound. The reflected sunlight, however, does not cause any problem.

But the sensor should not directly face the sun. Then you should be able to call them resistors and transistors instead of Whatchamacallits. Electronic component are classed into either being Passive devices Or Active devices. A Passive Device is one that contributes no power gain amplification to a circuit or system. It has not control action and does not require any input other than a signal to perform its function.

In other words, A components with no brains! Examples are Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors Active Devices are components that are capable of controlling voltages or currents and can create a switching action in the circuit. In other words, Devices with smarts! Examples are Diodes, Transistors and Integrated circuits.

Most active components are semiconductors. Resistors: This is the most common component in electronics. It is used mainly to control current and voltage within the circuit. You can identify a simple resistor by its simple cigar shape with a wire lead coming out of each end. A potentiometer is a variable resistor. It lets you vary the resistance with a dial or sliding control in order to alter current or voltage on the fly.

This is opposed to the fixed simple resistors. It storages electrical energy in the form of electrostatic charge. The size of a capacitor generally determines how much charge it can store. A small surface mount or ceramic cap will only hold a minuscule charge. A cylindrical electrolytic cap will store a much larger charge.

Some of the large electrolytic caps can store enough charge to kill a person. Another type, called Tantalum Capacitors, store a larger charge in a smaller package. Inductors: You may remember from science class that adding electrical current to a coil of wire produces a magnetic field around itself.

This is how the inductor works. Inductors are used in Alternating Current circuits to oppose changes in the existing current. Most inductors can be identified by the "coil" appearance. Others actually look like a resistor but are usually green in color.

Diodes: Diodes are basically a one-way valve for electrical current. They let it flow in one direction from positive to negative and not in the other direction. This is used to perform rectification or conversion of AC current to DC by clipping off the negative portion of an AC waveform.

The diode terminals are cathode and anode and the arrow inside the diode symbol points towards the cathode, indicating current flow in that direction when the diode is forward biased and conducting current. Most diodes are similar in appearance to a resistor and will have a painted line on one end showing the direction or flow white side is negative.

If the negative side is on the negative end of the circuit, current will flow. If the negative is on the positive side of the circuit no current will flow. They are used as indicator devices. Example: LED lit equals machine on. If a different semiconductor material such as gallium, arsenide phosphide is used, the excess energy can be released at a lower wavelength visible to human eye. This is the composition of LED. They come in several sizes and colors. Some even emit Infrared Light which cannot be seen by the human eye.

Switch: This is a mechanical part which when pressed makes the current to flow through it. If the switch is released the current stops flowing through it. This helps to control a circuit. Transistors: The transistor performs two basic functions: 1 It acts as a switch turning current on and off. This makes an output signal that is a magnified version of the input signal. It can be a big power transistor such as is used in power.

Such as in a microprocessor or Integrated Circuit. NPN Transistor: Bipolar junction perform the function of amplifications where a small varying voltage or current applied to the base the lead on the left side of the symbol is proportionately replicated by a much larger voltage or current between the collector and emitter leads.

Bipolar junction refers to sandwich construction of the semiconductor, where a wedge of "P" material is placed between two wedges of "N" material. In this design, a base current regulates the larger current flowing from emitter to collector, as indicated by the direction of the arrow on the emitter lead.

PCB: PCB stands for printed circuit board which are used for wiring up of the components of a circuit. PCBs are made of paper phenolic FR2 grade low cost, for low frequency and low power circuit assembly and glass epoxy FR4 grade for high frequency, high power circuits copper clad laminates available in 1.

Single sided PCBs have copper foil only on one side while double-sided PCBs have copper foil on both side of the laminate. Holes in PCBs are drilled after etching is over. The tracks on two sides of a PCB are joined using printed through hole PTH technique, which is equivalent to using slotted copper rivets for joining tracks on both sides.

In single sided PCB components are mounted on the side which has no track called component side. In a double-sided PCB the component side is defined marked before hand or it will show component outline also called silk screen Green masking is the process of applying a layer of green colour insulation varnish on all parts of tracks except near the holes, to protect the tracks from exposure to atmosphere and thus prolong its life and reliability.

For low power circuit dry batteries are used. Speakers: These convert electrical signals to acoustic vibrations. It comprises a permanent magnet and a moving coil through which electrical signal is passed. This moving coil is fixed to the diaphragm which vibrates to produce sound. Silicon and metals are used to simulate resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc. It is a space saving miracle. These components come in a wide variety of packages and sizes. You can tell them by their "monolithic shape" that has a ton of "pins" coming out of them.

Their applications are as varied as their packages. It can be a simple timer, to a complex logic circuit, or even a microcontroller microprocessor with a few added functions with erasable memory built inside.

At their core is the transistor which provides the logic for computers, cars, TVs and just about everything else electronic. Packages are becoming smaller and smaller as companies are learning new tricks to make the transistors ever tinier.

In contrast, ordinary white light is a combination of many colors or wavelengths of light. Lasers emit light that is highly directional, that is, laser light is emitted as a relatively narrow beam in a specific direction.

Ordinary light, such as from a light bulb, is emitted in many directions away from the source. The light from a laser is said to be coherent, which means that the wavelengths of the laser light are in phase in space and time.

Ordinary light can be a mixture of many wavelengths. These three properties of laser light are what can make it more hazardous than ordinary light. Laser light can deposit a lot of energy within a small area. Excitation Mechanism Excitation mechanisms pump energy into the active medium by one or more of three basic methods; optical, electrical or chemical.

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Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Right from the origin communication system had undergone several changes in terms of its advancement, continuous modernization taking place in every aspect of global communication. This electronic media starting from satellite communications had invented new dimensions in the field of wireless communication, research in these areas created a new concept of communication by means of lasers, no one ever expected this kind of development in communication strategies and its always a raising question that how we communicate by implementing lasers, in our project we give a detailed answer about how we communicate with others by using laser technology. The main operation of our project is based on the two sections one is laser transmitter section and the other laser receiver section the combination of these two sections constitutes the entire circuit block. The proposed circuit basically had the transmitter circuit and this block consists of transistor amplifier BC coupled with condenser microphone, and an audio modulator BD And the total components with their specifications are elaborately explained in this paper. The overall advantages of our laser based voice transmitter and receiver is to provide speed and accuracy with high data rates, minimal interruptions and highly flexible. The performance characteristics and the practical results verified with real time applications.

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Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The transmitter circuit comprises condenser microphone transistor amplifier BC Major Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver.

Voice Transmitter and Receiver Based on Laser Torch

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Working of Circuit Diagram Transmitter: The mic is the audio input. C1 is a coupling capacitor that connects the audio from the mic to T1. T1 is a transistor that is used to amplify the audio a bit. C2 couples the audio to IC1 which amplifies it some more. This puts the audio onto the light beam.

Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Block Diagram 4. Block Diagram Description 5.

Major Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Description Using this circuit you can communicate with your neighbors wirelessly. Instead of RF signals, light from a laser torch is used as the carrier in the circuit. The laser torch can transmit light up to a distance of about meters. The phototransistor of the receiver must be accurately oriented towards the laser beam from the torch. If there is any obstruction in the path of the laser beam, no sound will be heard from the receiver the transmitter circuit.

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Major Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt).

Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

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laser torch based voice transmitter amp receiver

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