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Every one of us is sustained by various kinds of natural resources — such as food, materials, and energy that are harvested or otherwise extracted from the environment.

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Chapter 1 ~ Ecosystems and Humans

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This comprehensive online Reference Module forms the definitive source for those entering, researching or teaching in any of the many disciplines making up this interdisciplinary area of study. In addition to a regular supply of new articles, all previously published articles are reviewed for currency to ensure articles are up-to-date. Articles that are determined out-of-date are updated. These updates are completed by the original author s or by an updater under the editorial direction of the Editor-in-Chief and the Subject Editors. In this way the Reference Module provides the assurance of up-to-date content that has been vetted by a highly qualified Editorial Board and date-stamped to mark the date of the last review or update. The central organizing structure for the Reference Module is a Subject Hierarchy on Science Direct that is used to provide context for each article and to provide a navigational tool for users to explore the subject area.

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Request PDF | Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences | Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences encompass a broad range of.

Earth & Environmental Sciences

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The Earth and Environmental Science eBook Collection brings together up-to-date resources from trusted authors working around the world on topics such as water management, ecology, geology, environmental biotechnology, and sustainable development. Essentially everything we, as humans, need either comes from the Earth directly or depends on its environment in some way. Research in the fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences, therefore, has important implications for the continued success of our species on this planet. Using physical, biological, and chemical methods, researchers in these fields study geological processes and environmental systems. The marriage of these disciplines can provide an important historical perspective on contemporary global problems such as natural disasters, resource conservation, and environmental sustainability.

Trout, salmon, grayling and whitefishes Salmonidae are among the most ecologically and economically important fishes. They also are among the most vulnerable to global warming, and increasing drought, floods, and wildfires. In North America, salmonids occur from central Mexico northward along coastal regions and mountainous interiors to the Arctic Plains. A variety of existing stressors have reduced population sizes and extent and fragmented habitats, making salmonid populations increasingly vulnerable to climate-driven disturbances.

Encyclopedia of Ecology: Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

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