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letters of john keats to his family and friends pdf

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John Keats , born October 31, , London , England—died February 23, , Rome , Papal States [Italy] , English Romantic lyric poet who devoted his short life to the perfection of a poetry marked by vivid imagery, great sensuous appeal, and an attempt to express a philosophy through classical legend.

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John Keats

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In this innovative hybrid of biography, memoir, and criticism, Eric G. Wilson describes how John Keats gave him solace during a bout of mental illness in spring While on a tour of the principal sites in Keats's life-ranging from his London medical school to the small room in Rome where he died-Wilson discovered analogies between the poet's troubles and his own. He was most struck by Keats's enlivening vision of the soul. For Keats, we don't possess but rather make a soul. We do this by imaginatively transforming our suffering into empathy toward humans and nature alike.

Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends

However, he prefaced it with what was, in effect, an apology, saying that he had begun the poem many years earlier but had never been able to finish it. Coleridge had completed the first part of the poem in and the second part in , but he supposedly had plans for three more parts that he never wrote. At the point the poem ends, Geraldine appears triumphant, and though Coleridge assured readers that all would be well in the end, imagining how he would have brought about that conclusion given the situation at the end of Part II is practically impossible. Keats could thus have had this poem in mind instead, or both poems equally, as examples of a fine isolated verisimilitude caught from the Penetralium of mystery that Coleridge is willing to let go by abandon. Sunday [21 Dec. I must crave your pardon for not having written ere this. I dined with Haydon the Sunday after you left, and had a very pleasant day, I dined too for I have been out too much lately with Horace Smith , and met his two Brothers, with Hill and Kingston, and one Du Bois.

What could be more typical than a young man, wasted, feverish, racked with cough and hemoptyses—dying? Indeed, the very picture evokes the popular image of some romantic poets of the 19th Century; Keats's tragic death at the age of 25 contributed to that image. So what can be strange in the case of Keats? That John Keats died of tuberculosis is not in doubt, but even with the advantage of almost years of scientific advances—Koch's discovery of the pathogenic bacillus in , the introduction of radiography in , and the introduction of effective chemotherapy and useful vaccines, all of which have led to a fuller and better understanding of the disease process—there still remain some curious, even anomalous features in the presentation and the course of John Keats's tuberculosis. The time sequence is crucial in this case, as it is in the elucidation of any difficult infection.

Keats, John — , poet , was born in London, the eldest of the five children of Thomas Keats c. Keats was baptized at St Botolph without Bishopsgate on 18 December He and his family seem to have regarded 29 October as his birthday, although the baptismal entry gives 31 October. An important factor in the development of Keats's reputation, during his life and in the decades following his death, was the belief that he was born in a coaching inn, the Swan and Hoop at 24 The Pavement, Moorgate, and that his father, Thomas , was an ' ostler ' in the inn. This supposed humble origin, reinforced in the public mind by Leigh Hunt's ill-informed account in Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries , played its part in the notoriously savage politically inspired attacks made on Keats by tory reviewers during his lifetime, and it deeply coloured the nineteenth-century biographical tradition.

John Keats

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Letters of John Keats to his family and friends

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