Fema Restructuring After Hurricane Katrina And Identifying Local Resources Pdf

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fema restructuring after hurricane katrina and identifying local resources pdf

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. On August 29, , Hurricane Katrina struck the U. Gulf Coast, leaving over 1, people dead, countless injured, and over 1 million displaced.

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Communities around the world continued to be pummelled by devastating natural disasters with little to no relenting to the amount of loss of life, and property damage suffered by businesses and individuals. The methodology that was used to construct this paper was traditional scholarly research and observations of the Washington, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency. A personal account of what was said and that occurred was used. This is a concept paper and did not use qualitative or quantitative procedures to conclude findings, but after the data were reviewed professional assessments were made to recommend a new way of involving citizens and private industry in disaster preparedness training and planning. The practical implications of the concept of Synergistic Protection being applied globally is tremendous and has relevance the world over. It is the author's goal for every country to start using aspects of Synergistic Protection in designing disaster and crisis management planning.

Hurricane Katrina: A Summary of Statutory Provisions CRS Report RL, FEMA's Community Disaster Loan Program, by credentialing of personnel and “typing of resources” needed for the response to a advice on emergency management issues, identify challenges to any CEM component.

Synergistic Protection: the roadmap for improving citizen disaster preparedness response

The reconstruction of New Orleans refers to the rebuilding process endured by the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the city on August 29, The storm caused levees to fail , releasing tens of billions of gallons of water. The levee failure contributed to extensive flooding in the New Orleans area and surrounding parishes.

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Measuring destructiveness in terms of damage to property rather than loss of life is a useful way to compare disasters. Loss of life reflects both the magnitude of the disaster, as well as the quality of the response, while property destruction correlates more directly to the magnitude of the disaster alone. For Chicago Fire deaths and population displacement, see Lawrence J. Vale and Thomas J.

Reconstruction of New Orleans

There’s No Such Thing as a Natural Disaster

Topic Areas About Donate. The proposals are based upon investigations conducted on the role of the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA and other entities in the response to Hurricane Katrina in the fall of Other questions include the following:! What degree of discretion should Congress extend to the President and executive branch officials to act in emergency situations? What functions or responsibilities should be transferred to the new entity? Which should be retained by other DHS entities? To what extent should the White House be involved in emergency management on a continuing basis as well as during an emergency?

It is generally accepted among environmental geographers that there is no such thing as a natural disaster. In every phase and aspect of a disaster—causes, vulnerability, preparedness, results and response, and reconstruction—the contours of disaster and the difference between who lives and who dies is to a greater or lesser extent a social calculus. Hurricane Katrina provides the most startling confirmation of that axiom.

Allbaugh, Federal Emergency Management Agency, December 31, , reprinted in Federal Emergency Management Agency, Annual The Foreign Exchange Management Act, FEMA is an Act of the Parliament of India "to consolidate and amend the law relating to foreign exchange with the objective of facilitating external trade and payments and for promoting the orderly development and maintenance of foreign exchange market in India". The emergency operations plan is a key component of an emergency management program that: A. Emergency preparedness: Actions taken in anticipation of an emergency to facilitate rapid, effective and appropriate response to the situation Inter-Agency Contingency Planning Guidelines for Humanitarian Assistance

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Synergistic Protection: the roadmap for improving citizen disaster preparedness response