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This Web page has been archived on the Web. Proponents of electronic voting, particularly Internet voting, make a number of arguments in favour of its implementation. These are related to technology, social issues and election administration.

Single transferable vote

Local elections scheduled to take place in England and Wales in the first week of May — including the London mayoral vote — have been postponed as part of attempts to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in the UK. Following advice from medical experts, the UK government decided to hold off until May Across the English Channel, French president Emmanuel Macron considered cancelling mayoral and municipal elections, but later judged that they should take place as planned. Some lower profile contests might not be mourned by the public during times of major concern, but their absence raises the question of whether other elections should be postponed. Elections have been rescheduled before, of course. In , the Democratic Republic of Congo delayed the presidential contest because of Ebola. In the UK general election was held off because of the spread of foot and mouth disease across the country.

The US president has a huge influence on people's lives both at home and abroad, so when the next election is held on 3 November, the outcome will matter to everyone. The US political system is dominated by just two parties, so the president always belongs to one of them. Both men are in their 70s - Mr Trump would be 74 years old at the start of his second term, while at 78, Mr Biden would be the oldest first-term president in history. Both candidates compete to win electoral college votes. Each state gets a certain number of electoral college votes partly based on its population and there are a total of up for grabs, so the winner is the candidate that wins or more.

January 16, — November 5, RL American voters elect the President and Vice President of the United States indirectly, through an arrangement known as the electoral college system. The electoral college system comprises a complex mosaic of constitutional provisions, state and federal laws, and political party rules and practices. Although the electoral college system has delivered uncontested results in 46 out of 50 presidential elections since it assumed its present constitutional form in , it has been the subject of persistent criticism and frequent proposals for reform. Reform advocates cite several problems with the current system, including a close or multi-candidate election can result in no electoral college majority, leading to a contingent election in Congress; the current system can result in the election of a President and Vice President who received a majority of electoral votes, but fewer popular votes, than their opponents; the formula for assignment of electoral votes is claimed to provide an unfair advantage for less populous states and does not account for population changes between censuses; and the winner-take-all system used by most states does not recognize the proportional strength of the losing major party, minor party, and independent candidates. They maintain that repair of the electoral college system, rather than abolition, would eliminate any perceived defects while retaining its overall strengths.

Electronic voting

Electronic voting also known as e-voting is voting that uses electronic means to either aid or take care of casting and counting votes. Depending on the particular implementation, e-voting may use standalone electronic voting machines also called EVM or computers connected to the Internet. It may encompass a range of Internet services, from basic transmission of tabulated results to full-function online voting through common connectable household devices. The degree of automation may be limited to marking a paper ballot, or may be a comprehensive system of vote input, vote recording, data encryption and transmission to servers, and consolidation and tabulation of election results. A worthy e-voting system must perform most of these tasks while complying with a set of standards established by regulatory bodies, and must also be capable to deal successfully with strong requirements associated with security , accuracy , integrity, swiftness, privacy , auditability , accessibility , cost-effectiveness , scalability and ecological sustainability. Electronic voting technology can include punched cards , optical scan voting systems and specialized voting kiosks including self-contained direct-recording electronic voting systems , or DRE.

constituency. The system is secret and simplest for the voter; and the voter's vote is NOT transferable, or manipulated by party hands. It is NOT perfect.

The Electoral College: An Overview and Analysis of Reform Proposals

Number of electoral votes allocated to each state. Source: USA. The debate over the continued use of the Electoral College resurfaced during the presidential election , when Donald Trump lost the general election to Hillary Clinton by over 2. The official general election results indicate that Trump received Electoral College votes and Prior to the election, there were four times in US history when a candidate won the presidency despite losing the popular vote: John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson , Rutherford B.

The single transferable vote STV is a voting system designed to achieve or closely approach proportional representation through the use of multiple-member constituencies and each voter casting a single ballot on which candidates are ranked. The preferential ranked balloting allows transfer of votes to produce proportionality, to form consensus behind select candidates and to avoid the waste of votes prevalent under other voting systems. Under STV, each elector voter casts a single vote in a district election that elects multiple winners. Each elector marks their ballot for the most preferred candidate and also marks back-up preferences. A vote goes to the voter's first preference if possible, but if the first preference is eliminated, instead of being thrown away, the vote is transferred to a back-up preference, with the vote being assigned to the voter's second, third, or lower choice if possible or under some systems being apportioned fractionally to different candidates.

The legitimacy of self-government rests on the consent of the governed. In our democratic republic, that consent is manifested through the administration of free and fair elections. But in , our democratic process came under attack from a foreign state seeking to exercise power and influence in U.

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Electoral College Pros and Cons

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9 Solutions to Secure America’s Elections

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Electoral College Pros and Cons

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    The electoral system of the United States is very unique, since citizens' votes select electors who vote for a candidate during presidential elections.1 In total,

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    The Electoral College system , long a source of controversy, came under especially heavy criticism after the presidential election when Republican Donald Trump lost the nationwide popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton by over 2.

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    Number of electoral votes allocated to each state. Source:, “Presidential Election Process,” (accessed Nov. 18, ).