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System Ho-Rh-O: Phase Equilibria, Chemical Potentials and Gibbs Energy of Formation of HoRhO3

PhD thesis, Concordia University. Microstructures of the ternary diffusion couples showed stationary Mn grain morphology in most of the diffusion zones. However, some of these binary compounds dissolved Mn. The ternary solubility of Zn in Ce-Mg compounds was found to increase with the decrease in Mg concentration. A systematic annealing procedure was followed to obtain all expected phases in the studied systems.

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The Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion (JPED) focuses on the crystallographic, chemical, diffusion, and other kinetic properties of phases. to all articles starting ; Downloadable in PDF format; Subscription expires 12/​31/

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In Press. Karen M. Bussard, Christopher M. Gigliotti, Bernadette M.


It features critical phase diagram evaluations on scientifically and industrially important alloy systems, authored by international experts, as well as critically reviewed basic and applied research results, and a survey of current literature.

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Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology. A thermodynamic study has been carried out on the Ni—Si—B ternary system, which is an important system in view of the development of Ni-base filler metals. A regular solution approximation based on the sublattice model was adopted to describe the Gibbs energy for the individual phases in the binary and ternary systems. Thermodynamic parameters for each phase have been evaluated using the available experimental information on phase boundaries and other related thermodynamic properties. Thermal analysis experiments have also been conducted on several ternary alloys to re-examine the available ternary experimental data on phase boundaries.

The Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion invites submission of research papers, short communications, evaluations, updates, and letters to the editor. The term "phase equilibria" is to be interpreted in broad context and, in addition to equilibrium conditions, is to include factors that mitigate against equilibrium as well as those that facilitate it. Manuscripts are welcome on such topics as research techniques, equipment, data evaluation, nomenclature, equilibrium determination, kinetic factors, as well as other aspects pertaining to the significance, representation, and use of phase equilibria data. Phenomena such as kinetic control of equilibrium, coherency effects, impurity effects, and thermodynamic and crystallographic characteristics all fall within the interest area of the Journal. Submission for publication is representation that neither the manuscript nor the basic information in the manuscript has been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere. Prior publication is a basis for rejection except under special circumstances such as appearance in a conference or symposium proceedings that had very limited circulation. The prior publication history should be clearly noted on the manuscript.

Culberson, O. A preliminary investigation was made to determine the time required to attainequilibrium within the equilibrium cell for this system. Experimental and smoothed data are presented for the solubility of ethane inwater for temperatures of ', ', ', ' and 'F at pressures to10, psia. As a continuation of the investigation of the behavior of hydrocarbon-watersystems, the experimental data on the solubility of ethane in water have beenextended to 10, psia. The experimental apparatus, technique, materials, andanalytical methods are essentially the same as previously reported.

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