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resilience engineering concepts and precepts pdf

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Resilience is the ability of a system to react to and recover from disturbances with minimal effects on dynamic stability. Resilience is needed as systems and organizations become more complex and interrelated and the consequences of accidents and incidents increase.

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Resilience Engineering Concepts And Precepts

Kramer, Will. Why do some organizations bounce back from a crisis or disaster while others fall completely apart? In a word: resilience. Due to increasing complexity, the systems which make up our world are far beyond our capacity to fully understand or predict. Because we are not capable of anticipating everything that may happen, it is not enough to simply plan for negative events. In addition, we must intentionally develop our internal adaptive capacities. These two components, planning and adaptive capacity, make up the core of organizational resilience.


Resilience as a concept has found its way into different disciplines to describe the ability of an individual or system to withstand and adapt to changes in its environment. In this paper, we provide an overview of the concept in different communities and extend it to the area of mechanical engineering. Furthermore, we present metrics to measure resilience in technical systems and illustrate them by applying them to load-carrying structures. By giving application examples from the Collaborative Research Centre CRC , we show how the concept of resilience can be used to control uncertainty during different stages of product life. Request Permissions. Ben-Tal, L. El Ghaoui and A.

The user has requested enhancement of the downloaded file. Introduction How Safe is Flying? Decades of efforts aimed at understanding what safety is and why accidents happen have led to several significant insights. One is that untoward events more often are due to an unfortunate combination of a number of conditions, than to the failure of a single function or component. Another is that failures are the flip side of successes, meaning that there is no need to evoke special failure mechanisms to explain the former. Instead, they both have their origin in performance variability on the individual and systemic levels, the difference being how well the system was controlled. It follows that successes, rather than being the result of careful planning, also owe their occurrence to a combination of a number of conditions.

Prologue: Resilience. Engineering Concepts. David D. Woods. Erik Hollnagel. Hindsight and Safety. Efforts to improve the safety of systems have often – some.

Resilience engineering: concepts and precepts

Resilience engineering is a developing concept for coping with the changing world and growing complexity. TNO has begun a project to develop a tool with which to assess resilience. The aim is to enable companies to improve resilient practices at the organizational, team and individual level. The first phase of this project aims to set up a theoretical framework.

For Resilience Engineering, failure is the result of the adaptations necessary to cope with the complexity of the real world, rather than a malfunction. Human performance must continually adjust. Resilience Engineering : Concepts and Precepts - Archive.

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Hollnagel, E. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing.

Resilience Animation

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