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six maximum and minimum thermometer and its uses pdf

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Weather can be described using terms such as wet or fine, warm or cold, windy or calm, so why is there a need to measure the weather?

But I like that, old school. These indexes are displaced by the expansion and contraction of the mercury, remaining at their extreme positions to give readings of the maximum and minimum temperatures. Its purpose is to record the maximum and minimum temperatures reached since the thermometer was last read. It is interesting to note that Six's maximum and minimum thermometers were still being used in of exactly the same design and construction as ones produced over years ago.

Meteorological Instruments And Their Uses Pdf

Weather can be described using terms such as wet or fine, warm or cold, windy or calm, so why is there a need to measure the weather? For most people, a description of the weather is adequate but for many businesses more detailed and accurate measurements are required.

The science of studying weather is called meteorology. Weather scientists or meteorologists measure temperature, rainfall, pressure, humidity, sunshine and cloudiness and they make predictions and forecasts about what the weather will do in the future. This is important for giving people advance notice of severe weather such as floods and hurricanes.

Temperature, or the hotness or coldness of a substance, is measured with a thermometer. A thermometer is usually made from a tube of hollow glass with a bulb shaped base. The bulb is filled with a liquid, usually mercury which expands as temperatures rise and falls as temperatures drop.

A scale on the thermometer can be read to find out what the temperature is. To make sure that the thermometer is measuring the temperature of the surrounding air, it must be shaded from direct sunlight and should have sufficient air circulating around it. The Stevenson Screen was designed by Thomas Stevenson father of Robert Louis Stevenson to create an enclosure with as near as possible temperature as the air outside.

The Stevenson Screen is a wooden box with slatted sides, a sloping roof and legs to keep the screen off the ground. It is painted white to reflect the sun and it has opening doors which can be locked for security. Figure 2. This type of thermometer measures both the highest maximum and lowest minimum temperature over a period of time, usually one day 24 hours.

There are two markers one for the maximum temperature and one for the minimum. The mercury in the tube pushes the markers as temperatures go up or down. The maximum-minimum thermometer should be placed in a Stevenson screen shelter for the most accurate recording of temperature. Around hours mid-day , set the thermometer by using a small magnet to drag the markers so that they are both on top of the mercury column. Hang the thermometer in the shelter. At mid-day the following day record the maximum and minimum temperature.

The maximum temperature is read at the level of the bottom of the maximum marker, the minimum temperature is read at the bottom of the minimum marker. Record the present temperature by reading at the top of the mercury column on either side they read the same on the maximum or the minimum side.

Reset the indicators with the magnet so that the markers are on top of the mercury column. The temperature of air measured using a maximum-minimum thermometer can be used to show the difference in temperature over a period of time, usually one day. The difference between the daily maximum and the daily minimum is called the diurnal range. The difference between the daily maximum and the daily minimum temperature is the diurnal range.

If you have access to a computer with a graphics package, try and produce two graphs, one of the maximum temperatures and one of the minimum temperatures, that you recorded in Figure 2. Alternatively, use graph paper to plot your results. What was the diurnal range daily range for each of the days that you recorded the temperatures in Figure 2.

Fill in the table below. Imagine that each thermometer has been measuring the temperature of the air at your school at different times of the year. Measuring Weather 2. Instructions 1. Repeat instructions 2 to 4 each day for the next week.

Record all of your results in table form e.

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Vedantu academic counsellor will be calling you shortly for your Online Counselling session. Related Questions. How does the Six's Maximum and Minimum Thermometer help in measuring temperature accurately? Answer Verified. Hint: The Six's thermometer uses a U-shaped bent tube which uses two different fluids to measure temperature, that is mercury and alcohol. Mercury is used to record the temperature and the alcohol is to push it based on temperature.

Heat is the transfer of energy from a hot body. The sense of touch can be used to understand the degree of hotness or coldness of something. But the sense of touch is not reliable and cannot be always used to say how much hot anything is. Moreover, using the sense of touch can be risky in case of something being very hot. There are three units which are used to measure the temperature: Degree Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Six's thermometer is a registering thermometer which can record the maximum and minimum temperatures reached over a period of time, for example 24 hours. It is used to record the extremes of temperature at a location, for instance in meteorology and horticulture.

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For example that of J. Six was described by him to the Royal Society in The mercury serves as a so-called "transfer liquid". In addition to the mercury, the U-tube contains an expansion liquid which contacts the mercury, and is immiscible therewith. Movement of the mercury is effected by the expansion or contraction of the expansion liquid in response to changes in temperature.

Six’s maximum and minimum thermometer

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    The definition of maximum-minimum thermometer in the dictionary is a thermometer that records the highest and lowest temperatures since it was last set.