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By Birchett, Colleen. Philadelphia Tribune ; Philadelphia, Pa. Such movements and their related theologies have by now had a major impact on American culture. However, relatively few people recognize or acknowledge that all of these theologies were inspired by what Rev. James Cone had already articulated about what God has said about the liberation of African Americans.


Representations of Homosexuality pp Cite as. The birth of black liberation and womanist theologies in the United States should not have been unexpected. The theological discourse oriented around liberation arose during a period in which African Americans were wrestling with the question of identity and culture in a society that seemed intractable in its racism, classism, and sexism. This discourse arose in a period when new voices in black life were emerging and not only critiquing and challenging racism and white supremacy but also providing active leadership that challenged the entrenched power structures that supported racism and white supremacy. Further, the emergence of a black theology of liberation was made possible by the nascent critiques of blackness coming out of the black power movement. Unable to display preview.

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Malcolm X and the Philosophical Theology of James H. Cone

Learning from Black Theology. Honorary Doctoral Fellow, Rhodes University. Black Theology had a profound effect on the religious, especially Christian scene in South Africa in the late , s and s. The traditional stance was that clergy should not get involved in politics.

Access options available:. Introduction: James H. Johnson and Edward E.

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Harrell C.

Black Liberation Theology, Cultural Criticism, and the Problem of Homosexuality

James Hal Cone — was an American theologian , best known for his advocacy of black theology and black liberation theology. His book Black Theology and Black Power provided a new way to comprehensively define the distinctiveness of theology in the black church. Jesus came to liberate the oppressed, advocating the same thing as Black Power. He argued that white American churches preached a gospel based on white supremacy, antithetical to the gospel of Jesus. Cone's work was influential from the time of the book's publication, and his work remains influential today. His work has been both used and critiqued inside and outside the African-American theological community.

First published in , Black Theology and Black Power is the first systematic presentation of Black Theology that also introduced the voice of a young theologian who would shake the foundations of American theology. Relating the militant struggle for liberation with the gospel message of salvation, James Cone laid the foundations for an interpretation of Christianity from the perspective of the oppressed that retains its urgency and challenge today. I wanted to speak on behalf of the voiceless black masses in the name of Jesus whose gospel I believed had been greatly distorted by the preaching and the theology of white churches.

Home Events Register Now About. This book wasn't intended for me, but I'm grateful to God for it. Cone is clearly well-educated and well-read, however his logic and basis of authority leave a lot to be desired. His own view of scripture sees it as a manual for social organization. ISBN, paperback. Cone was still a very young and very angry man when he initially wrote this classic in and it shows. Written first in , James Cone was deeply bothered by the failure of most of the white especially American theological tradition to address the issue of racism and injustice.


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