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map projection transformation principles and applications pdf

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Many types of map projections are being used for map making. They are basically classified into four groups in accordance with the Map Projection Theory or the types of surfaces that are tangent with the globe. The four categories are: - Planar, Azimuthal or Zenithal projection - Conic projection - Cylindrical projection - Mathematical or Conventional projection obtained from mathematical calculation.

The conversion from geographical to plane coordinates is called forward transformation.

Mercator projection

The conversion from geographical to plane coordinates is called forward transformation. The inverse transformation, which yields geographical coordinates captured from paper maps, is a more recent development, due to the need for transformation between different map projections especially in Geographic Information Systems GIS. Deriving the invers equations is sometimes not easy for the projections that have complicated forward functions including parametric variables.

This paper describes an iteration algorithm using jacobian matrix for the inverse transformation of the pseudo-cylindrical map projections with non-linear forward projection equations. The method has been tested for ten pseudocylindrical world map projection. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Advertisement Hide. Conference paper. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Canters, F. Bugayevski, L. Taylor and Francis, London Google Scholar. Richardus, P. Maling, D. Pergamon Press, Oxford Google Scholar. Bildirici, İ.

Yang, Q. Ipbuker, C. Bildirici, I. Snyder, J. Delmelle, E. Geological Survey Bulletin , U. Government Printing Office, Washington, p. Pipes, A. Strubecker, K. Ruffhead, A. Oztan, O. Personalised recommendations.

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Mercator projection

It became the standard map projection for navigation because it is unique in representing north as up and south as down everywhere while preserving local directions and shapes. The map is thereby conformal. As a side effect, the Mercator projection inflates the size of objects away from the equator. This inflation is very small near the equator but accelerates with increasing latitude to become infinite at the poles. So, for example, landmasses such as Greenland and Antarctica appear far larger than they actually are relative to landmasses near the equator, such as Central Africa. There is some controversy over the origins of the Mercator. The projection found on these maps, dating to , was stated by Snyder [1] in to be the same projection as Mercator's.

With the advance of science and technology, there have been breakthroughs in the field of classical research and methods of map projection. Among these.

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The shape of the Earth is represented as a sphere. It is also modeled more accurately as an oblate spheroid or an ellipsoid. A globe is a scaled down model of the Earth. Although they can represent size, shape, distance and directions of the Earth features with reasonable accuracy, globes are not practical or suitable for many applications. Globes are not suitable for use at large scales, such as finding directions in a city or following a hiking route, where a more detailed image is essential.

Mercator projection , type of map projection introduced in by Gerardus Mercator.

Map Projections - types and distortion patterns

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Meanwhile, calculations of area, distance and angle using map projection transformation principle are feasible as well in Gauss - Kruger.

Types of Map Projections

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    With the advance of science and technology, there have been breakthroughs in the field of classical research and methods of map projection.

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