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Speakers may cite personal experiences but are expected to refrain from endorsing specific products. Speakers at all sessions must refrain from overt statements, harsh language, pointed humor or other harmful communication that may adversely impact the fair and reasonable treatment of any individual or group. David Jablonsky, P.

IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness

Whether your customer uses them for addressing mail, signing letters and documents, or to add their company logo to envelopes and packages, stamps are a great time saver. Making Things Clearer When your customer uses a stamp, they want the imprint to appear in the right place, and the new printer mounts for the most popular PLUS stamps make that easy.

These new bases are clear, making it easy to position the impression right where it is needed. Does your customer need to use their stamp to sign forms? Printer bases allow them to align the signature perfectly. Printer bases can keep the imprint right where it needs to be. Do they just want the power to place their stamp exactly where they want it? Printer bases can do that for them, too.

Six different sizes of printer mounts are available. Printer mounts 20, 30, and 40 are available in March. Bases 10, 50, and 60 will be available later this year. Making Things More Custom Self-inking stamps are a great way to save time or add personalization to forms, packages, and more, but did you know that these stamps themselves can now be personalized?

While every stamp comes with a standard image card, your customer might want to consider adding an extra punch of personalization with a custom image card. If you want to get inspired to create an image card for your customer or you want something to inspire them, take a look at this video.

New Features and Old Favorites And, of course, new printer mounts come alongside all the other benefits that your customers already love about PLUS stamps. What do you think of these new stamp features? We like to say that we offer you so much more than CMYK, and our special print processes prove it! These special processes might not involve ink, but they can be just as creative as the print your customers want with an added eye-catching touch that is sure to make them stand out from the crowd.

They are perfect for business cards, announcements, letterhead, and more. Raise Paper — And Expectations — With Embossing If your customer is a fan of sculpture, embossing is the process for them. Embossing has been used to sculpt a wide variety of materials over the years: metal, leather, fabric, and, of course, paper. Embossing might seem like something of an old fashioned process, but embossed can add a modern and luxurious touch.

Now it is used to create upscale business cards , to add depth to announcements , and to add an elegant touch to a variety of other printed pieces.

Before that all metallic touches on printed pieces had to be done by hand, so all the gold touches you might have seen on old manuscripts took a lot of time. Gold or silver foils are elegant choices, but consider adding a modern twist with black foil or one of our other standard foil colors. That shine is still just as eye-catching as it was in the past. This adds depth and even more visual interest to your projects. Pairing it with full color, of course! Navitor is a provider of ColorLogic, a unique process for our selection of labels that lets you pair vibrant full color printing with foil stamping to add depth and flair to an already colorful image.

If you want to use this unique process, just give us a call. Are there any other print topics you want more information about? Just leave a comment below to tell us what you would love to learn!

At Navitor, we like to say that we offer you so much more than CMYK, and whether your customer wants to create something unique with full color raised print or prefers the classic look of lithography, we have you covered. Download this infographic for a handy quick reference guide to printing processes including raised print, flat print, full color, spot color and specialty imprints! For a lot of people, the most important thing they have with them is their smart phone, and one way your customers can make their smart phone even more personal is by adding a custom phone case.

Navitor offers custom phone cases that are easy to design with the variety of options your customers need. These are two of the most popular smart phones, so most of your customers will be able to find a case to fit their phone. Your customer can choose the weight that suits their use best. Our lightweight phone cases offer plenty of personalization potential in a lightweight stock.

Are they looking for something durable that will protect their phone? Our durable phone cases are a tough, heavy duty option.

Use One of Our Templates or Create Something Custom If you want to get your customers on the fast track to creating beautiful phone cases, our template designs are here for you! Want to get a closer look at the template options for phone cases? Check out your catalog! This is a great way for your customers to feature family photographs or other large images on their phone case. Two different custom image options are available. One wraps the image around the phone case, while the other leaves the case edges white.

Leaving the edges white is ideal for framing images or logos with a white border to highlight the colors of the design. Wraparound designs make photographs seamless. With so many design possibilities, it is easy for your customer to create a phone case that is perfect for them. Phone cases also make great rewards for loyal employees, and they are a reward that employees will use every day. Whether for a major anniversary or as a gift upon retirement, phone cases can be personalized with company logos and a special message.

Want to know more about our custom phone case options? Take a look at the Awards and Gifts section of our catalog.

This is especially important when it comes to color, and we recently attended a webinar on color forecasting that might help you keep your customers on trend. Who, What, and Why? Neenah Paper sponsored the webinar, Paper Specs hosted, and guest speaker Jack Bredenfoerder, a color consultant, was the primary speaker. Bredenfoerder is the director of BV Color Strategy and past president of the Color Marketing Group, so he has years of experience in working with color in the marketing world.

If you create new trends based on forecasting and design directions, you can be a trend leader. From looking at runway fashion to movie posters, the webinar details how we can predict the movements in color trends both in the world as a whole and in individual markets in particular. Where Can You Learn More?

Want to brush up on your color forecasting? Want to learn more about how colors work together? Just plain curious? We loved this webinar so much that we contacted Neenah Paper, and they have allowed us to share a link with you.

Click here to view the webinar and to learn more about how you can forecast color trends. Have you heard? Why Spot Color for Stationery? Spot color creates simple, elegant letterhead and envelopes. That means your customers will make a great first impression and have a professional look with every piece of communication. Spot color printing also allows your customer to get just the color they are looking for because the inks are pre-mixed. Whether that means a simple, elegant black, one of our many stock ink options, or a precisely matched PMS color, spot printing is a great way to create the look your customer wants.

Why Spot Color from Navitor? Of course, spot color is the most traditional way to create print products, so why is Navitor a great source? One big reason is because we are a certified G7 master printer, so you can be sure you will get a quality printed product every time you order. Are they looking for an inexpensive spot color option? Our value priced letterhead and envelopes are sure to fit their budget. If they want something very precisely matched to their brand, using PMS inks is an option with Standard or Premium spot color letterhead.

And Navitor offers you the unique opportunity to place your spot color letterhead and stationery envelope order through our website. This allows you to get hands-on with your spot color order, so you can make sure that logos, text, and other information are all lined up the way you want them to be.

Ordering online also makes reordering easy. Your customers will appreciate the ease and speed of reordering — and so will you.

Just click here to get started on your order. Are you looking for some bite-sized inspiration? Blogs are a good place to start. To help you get started, some of our print experts took a moment to share their favorite blogs about design, print, and marketing.

Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. If the name sounds familiar to you, that might be because Toni has mentioned Godin before here on our blog. I did a blog post on his session already since it was my favorite, and would probably explain why I was so inspired. The topics are relevant, and the writing is humorous, true, and un-patronizing. David Fellman Looking for tips on making the big sale from someone who knows the print business?

Want to develop your business? Selling strategy, sales management, marketing strategy, general management, and other topics are all on the table, so you can focus on just the information you think will be most relevant to your business — or read them all!

Under Construction Kim Salisbury, another of our graphic designers, recommends this design blog wholeheartedly. Part of the site, For Print Only , highlights printed pieces. Do you have any blogs that you read regularly? Are your customers looking for a fun way to promote a new program or a sale? Do they want to highlight a seasonal message? Take a look at new badge talkers for their promotional messages.

IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness

IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness addresses the topic of IT innovations that can further an organization's ability to adapt and be competitive. Thus we address the problem at an earlier starting point, that is, the emergence of something innovative in an organization, applied to that organization, and its process of being diffused and accepted internally. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness.

PDF | This paper examines the knowledge constructs that The politics of the marketing toolkit introduces a level of separation Product Marketing Director BSc Engineering Sales, product (Fellman, ; Schouten & McAlexander, ). Paula Jarzabkowski · Sarah Kaplan · David Seidl · Richard.

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Whether your customer uses them for addressing mail, signing letters and documents, or to add their company logo to envelopes and packages, stamps are a great time saver. Making Things Clearer When your customer uses a stamp, they want the imprint to appear in the right place, and the new printer mounts for the most popular PLUS stamps make that easy. These new bases are clear, making it easy to position the impression right where it is needed.

Periodicals postage paid at Saint Paul, MN and additional mailing offices. Subscriptions: Individual subscriptions are available without charge in the U. Publisher reserves the right to reject non-qualified subscriptions.

S Aboughonim, and Jose J. Hamilton, and Murray Prideaux. Ernst and Birte Malzahn.

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By Joann Whitcher.

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This is a recording of the most critical content from a two-day Printing Sales Clinic. Each of the 8 CDs contains approximately 1 hour of material. For rookies or veterans, this program presents solid fundamental skills and a proven approach to printing sales in the 21st Century!

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IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness

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