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fluidized bed technology principles and applications pdf

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Fluidized beds have been known for over a century, yet widespread application has only occurred in the last fifty years. They are now one of the most important chemical engineering technologies. Applications range from oil refining to drying processes, solids handling systems, boilers, metallurgical heat treatment furnaces and environmental protection measures.

Fluidization fundamentals

This is usually achieved by the introduction of pressurized fluid through the particulate medium. This results in the medium then having many properties and characteristics of normal fluids, such as the ability to free-flow under gravity, or to be pumped using fluid type technologies. The resulting phenomenon is called fluidization. Fluidised beds are used for several purposes, such as fluidized bed reactors types of chemical reactors , solids separation, [1] fluid catalytic cracking , fluidized bed combustion , heat or mass transfer or interface modification, such as applying a coating onto solid items. This technique is also becoming more common in aquaculture for the production of shellfish in integrated multi-trophic aquaculture systems. A fluidised bed consists of fluid-solid mixture that exhibits fluid-like properties.

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Hence Here's the in depth instruction. Take a look at OpenOffice. After downloading and putting in, open Author within the suite. From inside of Author, which seems particularly like Microsoft Term, open Anybody of one's existing Term doc with your Personal computer. Click on Fluidized Bed Technology: Principles and Applications, pdf characteristic created inside of Author this characteristic is regular with Open up Place of work Author , then conserve document as. Fluidized Bed Technology: Principles and Applications, pdf structure. There you have it.

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Fluidized bed technology: principles and applications. Responsibility: J.R. Howard. Imprint: Bristol, England ; New York: A. Hilger, c Physical description: x.

Fluidized Bed Technology- Principles and Applications (Adam-Hingler Edition)

Fluidization technology has a tremendous economic importance in process engineering and is used for a wide range of physical and chemical processes like particle formulation, classification, drying, adsorption, heating and cooling of solids, combustion, pyrolysis, carbonization, gasification, calcination or gas-solid reactions. In this course we focus on the drying as well as on the spray granulation, coating and agglomeration in fluidized beds. The particle formulation processes play an important role in the manufacturing of powder granules from liquid educts in the food, fine chemicals, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries as dust-free and free-flowing particles with improved particle properties, like a defined particle size distribution, porosity or desired mechanical strength, can be produced in a process with intensive heat and mass transfer conditions and good solids mixing. This course highlights the fundamentals and applications of various types and different scales of fluidized bed processes for drying, coating, granulation and agglomeration of particles with practical hints and extensive calculation examples.

Fluid Beds

Drying in the rotating-pulsed fluidized bed. Taranto II. E-mail: miriamugri uol.

Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion pp Cite as. Fluidization is an operation by which a bed of solid particles acquires fluid-like properties by passing a gas or liquid through it. Unable to display preview.

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No matter the detailed application, the Fluid Bed is designed to process products as they float on a cushion of air or gas. The process air is supplied to the through a special perforated distributor plate and flows through the bed of solids at a velocity sufficient to support the weight of particles in a fluidized state. Bubbles form and collapse within the fluidized bed of material, promoting intense particle movement. In this state, the solids behave like a free flowing boiling liquid. Very high heat and mass transfer values are obtained as a result of the intimate contact with the solids and the differential velocities between individual particles and the fluidizing gas.

Fluidized Bed Technology: Principles and Applications,

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