Nts Sample Paper For Sub Engineer Civil Pdf

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nts sample paper for sub engineer civil pdf

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Jobs Jobs in Pakistan. The S. Out of the following which is not a poor conductor?

They need to pass the PTS test of the job. Then these candidates will call for jobs final interview and appointed on the job. PTS Pakistan Testing Service is a renowned autonomous agency with respect to conducting recruitment tests for Public as well as Private organizations. It renders its services against the nominal charges as compared with the other testing agencies prevailing in Pakistan. PTS has been established as an entity to be recognized by the indigenous and international community as an acknowledged body to ensure testing assessment and value addition in the national and international organizations by producing talented and professionally skilled human capital.

Test Syllabus

Research Methods, Public Administration, G. Research methods in Education, Pakistan educational policies and planning till 10, Educational problems of Pakistan, Curriculum and its development, Supervission and administrative skills, Educational Psychology, Human Development and learning. Introduction to computers, System and application Software, Operating Systems, Data Structures Computer arithmetic and number system, C Language, data communication and networking and computer organization. Introduction to computers, Fundamentals of computers, Hardware trends and peripheral devices and system software. Criminal Law Cr. Building Material, construction, surveying, strenght of material, concrete technology, construction management. Civil Engineering building material,construction,surveying,strength of material,concrete technology,construction management ,English Grammar,Intelligence.

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Beam will have uniform strength throughout the length of the member if: a- Beam has same cross-sectional properties throughout the length b- if loading throughout the length is same. Along Principal Plane, shear stresses are: a- zero b- minimum c- maximum d- constant. Cubic Parabola Shear Force diagram of Cantilever Beams occurs incase of: a- Uniformly distributed Load b- Uniformly varying load c- in between points where no load acts d- point loading. In practical, drawing prepared by practicing drafters for 3-d views are: a- isometric b- orthographic c- auxiliary d- perspective. Purpose of Curing of concrete is to stop: a- increase in temperature of concrete b- decrease in moisture of concrete c- loss of moisture d- dry shrinkage cracking. Shear stress in rectangular x-sec beam for torque will be Maximum at: a- Center of Longer side of x-sec b- Center of Shorter side of x-sec c- Corners d- maximum distance away from Centroid.

Military Engineering Services MES Test Preparation Past Papers and Syllabus books pdf

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PPSC Test Questions

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    Punjab Examination Commission Past Papers · H Hasan Bilal 25 / Sep / Aoa, I need the past papers of PTS and OTS for Sub Engineer Civil please Like.

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Definitional Issues 2. Sociolinguistic Dimensions of Code- switching mixing 4. Language Changes in code- switching mixing 5. The aim of this paper is to provide a complete overview over the phenomenon of code-switching and code-mixing. The history of the research of code change has undergone various periods that have shown how complex the phenomenon of code-switching and code-mixing are.